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Tips for choosing car cushions

in the automotive supplies market, car cushions are so dazzling that car owners often forget their original intention of buying car cushions. In fact, when choosing car cushions, we should not only pay attention to their brands, but also pay attention to their types and functions. Different functions are used in different seasons to meet our own needs. So when buying car cushions, how to choose

1. Look at the raw materials of car cushions

common car cushion materials, and Honeywell is undoubtedly the industry leader in this regard: flax, ice silk, Vicat, Tencel silk, buffalo leather, bamboo mat, wood, bamboo charcoal, etc., each material has different effects and feel

the preferred fabric of the four seasons universal cushion is linen or cotton linen; Leather cushion is suitable for spring and autumn regardless of area; Buffalo leather cushion is exclusive in summer, but because it is a high-end product, the price is high, so you can choose it on demand

if you want to achieve a more comfortable sitting effect, you can equip your car with two sets of cushions, which can be selected according to seasons: ice silk cushions are selected in spring and summer in the South; Choose flocking, short staple 5 or linen cushion in winter. Choose ice silk or linen cushion in spring and autumn and summer in the north; Buy sheep sheared, wool like and plush cushions in winter

2. Look at the manufacturing process of car cushion

a good set of car cushion has very strict requirements for the manufacturing process. When buying a cushion, you can carefully observe the details of the cushion to judge the workmanship of the cushion. For example, the cushion made by hand is generally required to be compact, flat and exquisite, and will not deform and loose lines and edges after cleaning

from the design style of the product, we can roughly see the energy and labor cost of the cushion. Whether from the selection of patterns or the whole product design, it can reflect the comfort brought by a good design, beautiful, practical and fashionable

3. Look at the weight of the car cushion

weighing is an important method to identify the quality of the car cushion. Compared with pure cotton, the cushion made of black core cotton is lighter, generally about Jin, while the high-quality automobile cushion, because of sufficient materials and uniform knitting, generally weighs about Jin

4. Look at the color of car cushions

when buying car cushions in China that have surpassed North America, Japan and Western Europe, you can gently pull away the surface material of the cotton core with a pin, and when you see the cotton core, pick up one or more strands of cotton thread to check. The color of the low-quality cushion core is black or gray, and many products have added white waste fibers. Checking the material of the cushion can help judge whether it is good or bad

5. What is the oil trapping phenomenon of the steam tension tester? Car cushion accessories

accessories are generally used at the bottom of the car seat cushion. For a better seat cushion, the requirements for auxiliary materials are also relatively high. They not only have a soft feel, waxy, good drapability, thick texture, but also can play a certain protective role for the seat. The poor seat covers are made of relatively low-grade materials. Some cushions will crack and fade in a few days after they are useless, which will not only harm the leather seats of the car, but also endanger your health

6. Smell the smell of car cushions

after pulling out the core, if you smell a heavy smell, most of them are poor quality cushions. Generally, the car seat cushion just bought will have some peculiar smell. After the car owner buys the car seat cushion, he can put it in the vent to dry for a day. The peculiar smell of the car seat cushion with good quality will soon disappear

7. look at the price of car cushions

in terms of price, there is no need to buy the most expensive one, but at least buy one with better quality. Do not blindly covet cheap, because the car cushion market is not standard enough, and there will inevitably be inferior products. If you buy too cheap car cushions, it is easy to take products with poor quality home

in the face of a wide variety of car cushions, car owners can choose suitable cushions according to their region and different needs. Don't blindly buy low-cost products, which will not only have a short service life, but also endanger people's health

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