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Buying skills of glass tableware

due to the advantages of easy cleaning, cleanliness and hygiene, some glass tableware and cooking utensils are favored by more and more consumers who clear the counter, and more catering industries are also gradually favored by glass tableware. Especially in the current hot summer, glass tableware is greatly sought after because it can bring a visual sense of freshness. How to choose safe and reliable glass tableware and cooking utensils? Now let's introduce it to you:

industry experts remind that you should pay special attention to buying crystal glass tableware. Because the content of lead oxide in crystal products is as high as 20% - 30%, using it to hold water will generally not cause lead poisoning, but if it is used as a cup to hold wine, the wine will dissolve the lead in crystal glass products, which will record the F value when P increases to 4kn. The longer the time is, the more the dissolved amount will be. Similarly, when crystal glass containers are used to hold foods, especially acidic foods such as cola, honey and fruit juice, lead ions are also easy to form soluble lead salts, which are ingested by the human body with beverages or foods, seriously endangering health. Therefore, crystal glass products are called "beautiful killer" by scientists

experts suggest that ordinary glass, leaded crystal glass and lead-free crystal glass can be distinguished by sound, feel and appearance when choosing crystal glass tableware. Ordinary glass products have dim color, poor refractive index, rough workmanship, poor hand feel, and even bubbles in some places, and the sound of tapping is dull. Compared with ordinary glass products, crystal glass products have bright color, strong refractive index, exquisite workmanship and good hand feeling. They look like crystal and have a crisp metal sound when gently knocked. Compared with lead-free crystal glass products, lead-containing crystal glass products appear slightly thick

in addition, ordinary glass tableware is not completely reliable. Under the specific environment of long-term immersion in water, it will produce "mildew" phenomenon. This is because the glass is eroded by water for a long time, and the reaction between sodium silicate in the glass and carbon dioxide in the air will produce white carbonate crystals, which are harmful to human health. The method to remove the flat crystal on the upper plane of the carbonate base is to clean it with alkaline detergent. Although ordinary glass may also contain a small amount of lead, it will not cause damage to health under normal use. If you don't feel at ease, before using under sub natural conditions, soak ordinary glass tableware in vinegar water for a while to let lead separate out. It is better to use ordinary glassware when storing acidic drinks or food, and try to avoid using leaded glassware

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