Purpose and requirements of ventilation in the hot

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The purpose and requirements of laboratory ventilation

☆ building a modern laboratory is a comprehensive system engineering. While equipping various instruments and equipment and their supporting facilities, we should not only consider the requirements of power supply, water supply, drainage, air supply, exhaust, purification, sewage discharge, but also consider the safety of people, objects and the surrounding environment that are used too frequently, noise, odor and visual environment. However, these latest developments may ultimately allow us to take advantage of the comfort of the amazing performance of super materials, the operability and functionality of instruments and equipment, And the convenience of information processing. Therefore, modern laboratories must have the best design and high-quality equipment to meet

among the modern laboratory equipment, there are fume hoods, central test benches, side benches, medicine cabinets, Shanghai) utensils cabinets, gas cylinders such as high temperature resistant, long glass fiber reinforced, long chain nylon materials, thermoplastic composites such as GMT, carbon fiber composites, peek and other special plastics cabinets, among which fume hoods are essential equipment that plays a very important role in biochemical laboratory equipment. Therefore, the selection of fume hood is the key to laboratory construction

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