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Tips for purchasing general consumables

with the rapid popularization of printers and the continuous rise of printing volume, people's demand for printer consumables has been increasing day by day. Although the price of printers is getting cheaper and cheaper, the expenditure on consumables has accelerated. Whether the government, enterprises, families or individuals, how to choose high-quality consumables has become an increasingly concerned problem

at present, there are many consumable brands in the market, but they can be roughly divided into three categories. The first is the original ink box launched by printer manufacturers to meet the work needs, such as Epson, HP, Lexmark and canon. The second is domestic general consumables, and the third is fake original consumables

original consumables have a good guarantee in quality and after-sales service. They are the choice of most families and enterprises, but the price is high. In addition, because the original consumables are troubled by fake and shoddy products, according to the statistics of authoritative departments, the ratio between genuine original consumables and counterfeit products in the market is 5:4. In other words, for every two boxes of original consumables purchased by brand admirers, almost one box is counterfeit products. Therefore, it is best to buy the original ink cartridge at the dealer designated by the manufacturer. For example, HP has a HP consumables store in the computer city, where the quality and service of consumables are guaranteed. Epson set up 800 for free. Users only need to enter the product anti-counterfeiting number to verify the identity of the product, so users don't have to worry about selling fake products

if you want to save printing costs, general consumables will be a good choice to promote the industrialization of green manufacturing of automobiles. The price of general consumables is generally% lower than that of original ones. If the product comes from a regular manufacturer and the print quality is quite satisfactory, just pay attention to the following three points when purchasing

1) look at the printing effect: in the stores of printing consumables, there are generally print effect pictures of ink cartridges. Users can visually inspect the print quality of ink cartridges from the print effect pictures, such as whether there is paper bleeding, whether the hierarchy of graphics and texts is clear, whether there is color deviation or distortion, whether the transition color is uniform and natural, etc

2) look at the cartridge packaging: real high-quality consumables are not only reflected in the printing effect, but also in the packaging details. Take the vacuum packaging bag as an example. The packaging bag of genuine ink cartridge is close to the box body, and there is no air in the bag. Fake and shoddy ink cartridges are not completely vacuumed. Open the vacuum plastic bag, and the genuine ink cartridge should be clean and free of dirt. Carefully observe the top of the cartridge 10) frequency limit: 50 ~ 300Hz (the frequency can be greater than 300Hz); The sealing film of genuine ink cartridge is flat and solid, while that of fake ink cartridge is loose and uneven, which is easy to remove by hand

2) look at the outer packaging: manufacturers who make brands with their hearts focus on the unity of product image, which has an impact on the user's vision. For example, primary color consumables focus on the harmony between products and nature. Flowers and insects in nature are used on the packaging, giving people a fresh feeling. And Ge Zhige ink cartridge asks Lin Xinru to be the image spokesperson. When buying, if you find that the packaging strongly imitates the famous brand ink cartridges made of materials equivalent to 27 plastic bottles in each dress, such as Epson and Hewlett Packard, you'd better stay away. These are mostly fake products

3) after sales service: printer consumables are consumables, and users will inevitably cause ink leakage, plug and other failures due to improper operation during daily use. Good after-sales service and technical support are very important for users. Knowing whether the after-sales service of the manufacturer is guaranteed before purchasing consumables can avoid unnecessary trouble in the future. Famous manufacturers, Tianwei and primaries all have perfect after-sales service systems

source: second-hand equipment in China

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