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The oil price returns to $80. Is there another opportunity for coal chemical industry

after two years, the price of Brent crude oil stood at $80/barrel again. For China, which is rich in coal, coal chemical industry as a substitute will regain vitality

"the time when the crude oil price returns to $80 is earlier than we expected." Wang Jing, chief analyst of Orient Securities chemical industry, believes that this round of crude oil price rise is mainly affected by the weakening of the US dollar. By the first quarter of next year, it will realize the versatility of the universal experimental machine. With the global economic recovery and the weakening of the US dollar, the crude oil price will further strengthen

at this time, the price of natural gas becomes important. Internationally, many chemical raw materials are natural gas. However, due to the weak financial attribute, industrial demand has decreased significantly, making the natural gas price deviate from the oil price for eight months. It is reported that the price ratio of natural gas with equal calorific value to crude oil is generally 0.5 ~ 0.6, while at present, the ratio is only 0.3. "Natural gas has 50% room for price increase." Wang Jing believes

once the natural gas price keeps pace with crude oil, the costs of international basic chemicals will rise as a whole. However, this price rise process will be restricted by the speed of economic recovery

China is rich in coal and poor in oil and gas. Since 2002, strategically, the country has begun to explore alternative energy strategies, including coal deep processing, namely coal chemical industry, and new energy. After just a few years of development, coal to methanol has replaced ethylene and become the largest chemical product in China. Yuanxing energy is the largest methanol production enterprise in China. However, at present, due to the rapid expansion of production capacity, there is an obvious surplus of coal to methanol, and the operating rate is very low. Yanzhou Coal Industry Co., Ltd. and Tianfu Thermal Power Co., Ltd., which are involved in coal to methanol, have suffered from the methanol business. However, as methanol and its downstream dimethyl ether can be used as blended fuel, the economy of alcohol ether will appear again after the price of crude oil and natural gas rises, and the industry will turn around now. Therefore, timely and accurate recording of the tensile force value of each experimental section plays a very important role in the success or failure of the experiment. However, the huge production capacity may make it difficult to achieve the prosperity in 2007

dimethyl ether is the downstream of methanol. Due to the large or small scale, the process has broken through, and the production capacity has expanded sharply in recent years. Unfortunately, due to the shrinking oil price and demand, the operating rate of dimethyl ether is very low. The oil price stood at $80 again, and the dimethyl ether projects of Weiyuan biochemical, Guanghui shares, Tianmao group, etc. welcomed the opportunity

urea and calcium carbide PVC with coal as raw materials are traditional coal chemical projects. When the oil price rises, the advantage appears. The listed companies represented by calcium carbide PVC include INET, Hubei Yihua, Zhongtai chemical and elion energy. Coal urea includes Hubei Yihua, Hualu Hengsheng, Hechi chemical, Changjiu biochemical, Luxi Chemical and Liuhua shares

the above coal chemical industry has made breakthroughs in technology, and the risks are mainly in the downstream demand segments

more than 70% of domestic ethylene glycol depends on imports, which is significantly linked with oil prices. Danhua technology ethylene glycol is undergoing commissioning. Once the process is completed and all indicators are good, the monopoly advantage of this project will appear and the economy will be prominent

at present, natural gas and crude oil are used as raw materials for olefins and refined oil. If Shenhua Group gets through the process of the above two products, with the cooperation of oil prices, the economy will also appear. The group promises to inject China Shenhua when the time is ripe

Datang is expected to have a CAGR of 5.1% from 2017 to 2022. The pace of power generation diversification is very firm, which is reflected in the expansion to the upstream coal and the deep processing of coal. The gating system of the company should have low resistance to material flow. Coal to natural gas is also a project to fill the domestic gap, with a total approved investment of 25.71 billion yuan. In addition, the company has a coal based olefin project in Duolun

however, even with technological breakthroughs, the economics of coal to olefin, coal to oil and Datang Power generation projects are largely constrained by the scale of investment and oil prices

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