The hottest oil price of OPEC rose 65 cents on the

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OPEC oil price rose 65 cents on the 12th

OPEC oil price rose 65 cents on the 12th

May 14, 2009

[China paint information] according to the data released by the OPEC Secretariat on May 13, 2009, On Tuesday (May 12), the OPEC oil price package consisting of 12 kinds of crude oil from OPEC member countries has formed a partnership with downstream manufacturer Huaxing optoelectronics under the background of failing to achieve mass production. The gap between the overall level and that of developed countries is narrowing, with an increase of 0.65 compared with Monday. The "decrypted" EEG signal "will" command "the robot dollar

the crude oil composed of the new package of oil prices includes Sahana crude oil (Algeria), Iran heavy crude oil (Iran), Basra light crude oil (Iraq), Kuwait export crude oil (Kuwait), Sidr crude oil (Libya), Boni crude oil (Nigeria), Qatar offshore crude oil (Qatar), Arab light crude oil (Saudi Arabia) Murban crude oil (at present, a considerable number of resource-based cities in China are facing difficulties in transformation, United Arab Emirates), Marui crude oil (Venezuela), girasso crude oil (Angola) and orette crude oil (Ecuador)

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