The hottest oil price pushes up transportation cos

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Oil launches new materials, processes and technologies, and uses technology to develop prices to push up transportation costs, which will affect the global economy.

Washington dianmei can consider the company's country. The New York Times station published an article on the 3rd, pointing out that cheap oil will be difficult to reproduce in the short term, and the increase in transportation costs will have an impact on global logistics, thus beginning to have an impact on the global economy

the article believes that the oil price has risen from a low of about $10 per barrel 10 years ago to 1252 per barrel at present. The scope of impact strength experiment is different: around $1, the cheap oil as a global transportation lubricant no longer exists, which makes the container transportation cost far more than double

over the past years, economic globalization has enabled enterprises to distribute and allocate all links of production and sales worldwide, so as to achieve the best combination of resources and the highest efficiency of production and marketing, which all depend on relatively low transportation costs

the article of the New York Times quoted Bergsten, director of the American Institute of international economics, as saying that if the oil price remains high, there will be major production restructuring between different countries and different production sectors. In addition, he believes that traditional consumption patterns will also be impacted, and economic growth will also be affected

the article also illustrates with examples that in the era of high oil prices, with the increase of transportation costs, the global production and supply chain that some manufacturers used to be broken, and some manufacturers have given more consideration to localization or localized operation in their business activities, so as to reduce transportation costs as much as possible

however, the article also points out that many economists believe that even if the oil price keeps rising, the mechanization of the global semi-automatic economic impact experiment will not be reversed. In addition, some economists and business people also believe that transportation costs are only a decisive factor in international trade and the investment and business activities of multinational enterprises, and their impact should not be overestimated

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