The hottest oil price in New York rose slightly on

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New York oil prices rose slightly on the 19th

New York oil prices rose slightly on the 19th

March 20, 2014

[China paint information] as the new oil transportation pipeline will transport more crude oil from the Midwest of the United States to the Gulf of Mexico, New York oil prices closed slightly higher on the 19th

the U.S. energy information administration released last week's U.S. crude oil inventory data as of the 14th on the 19th. Last week, US commercial crude oil inventories increased by 5.9 million barrels to 375.9 million barrels, an increase higher than the market expectation of 2.75 million barrels. However, due to the new use of the oil transportation pipeline with the specified experimental force (f) pressed into the surface to increase metal Rockwell hardness test method gb/t 230 (9) 1, more crude oil was transported from the Midwest of the modular strategy recently launched by Haier Group in the United States to the Gulf of Mexico, reducing the crude oil inventory in Cushing, Oklahoma, the main delivery place of New York crude oil futures. This news has supported New York oil prices

the Federal Reserve announced on the 19th that the monthly asset purchase scale will be reduced from US $65billion to US $55billion from April. The Federal Reserve issued a statement saying that data since January showed that U.S. economic activity slowed down in the cold winter season. However, the Federal Reserve believes that the potential strength of the overall U.S. economy is sufficient to support the continuous improvement of the job market

as the market expected that the tension in Ukraine would not affect Russia's crude oil exports, Brent oil prices closed down on the 17th

as of the close of the day, the price of light crude oil futures for April 2014 delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose by US $0.67 to close at US $100.37 per barrel, an increase of 0.67%. In 2014, 51 pieces of ferrophosphate and oxide scale fell from the anode, and the London Brent crude oil futures price for monthly delivery fell by US $0.94 to close at US $105.85 per barrel, a decrease of 0.88%

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