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On June 17, the world new energy strategy research center of Peking University, the Institute of quantitative economics and technical economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the global methanol industry association and the Global Institute of global analysis jointly held a seminar on the application of methanol in the field of heavy power in Beijing. The symposium gathered the latest achievements in the research and application of methanol fuel and heavy-duty engine at home and abroad, and was also the first symposium on marine methanol fuel and engine in China

after the world's first methanol powered ship, Stena germanica, a ferry owned by stenaline, was put into operation, the representative of the world's largest methanol manufacturer, mesenis, said that the company would use seven new 50000 ton displacement warm prompt users and relevant personnel: you are willing to risk the end of being imprisoned for the rest of your life with methanol as fuel, The substitution of methanol fuel for traditional ship fuel has become an important direction for the upgrading of shipbuilding industry

with the implementation of the International Convention on civil damage caused by marine fuel oil pollution of the international maritime organization, countries have increased their attention to the product characteristics of marine fuel oil tensile testing machine: pollution problems, the sulfur content of marine fuel in the emission control area is required to be reduced from 1% to 0.1%, and the sulfur content of all marine fuel oil in the world shall not exceed 0.5% by 2020. Methanol has low cost and does not contain sulfur when 1.7 load is applied. It is used to replace diesel and heavy oil, which is better than liquefied natural gas (LNG) in economy and environmental protection. The representative of the global Methanol Industry Association believes that methanol will become the most effective and low-cost alternative fuel for ships, and the global methanol industry association also plans to carry out pilot work in China

Tony stoychevsky, methanol project manager of Wartsila group, a world-class marine engine giant, said that methanol can be stored. At the top left of the base is the panel control system and electrical control system of the experimental machine. In the oil tank of the current ship, it can also be transported by oil tank truck. Unlike LNG, which must be stored in a pressurized special oil tank because of its extremely low temperature, it will expand and be easy to explode

Huang Yumin of Chalmers University of technology in Sweden believes that priority can be given to the development of methanol power transformation of pilot ships. Statistics show that there are about 50 LNG fuel ships in operation in the world at present. With the new emission reduction regulations of imoim coming on the road, 55 LNG fuel ships will come out in the future, which is different from methanol fuel ships

however, experts pointed out that the port lacks LNG adding facilities, oil tanks must be transported by sea and occupy space, and some Wharfs in China may prohibit the docking of LNG fuel ships, which may hinder the popularization of LNG fuel ships, and the conversion scheme of methanol fuel has a lower cost of processing devices

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