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About the method of design idea

1 Direct display method

this is the most common and widely used method of expression. It shows a product or theme directly and truthfully on the advertising page, and makes full use of the realistic expression ability of photography or painting skills. Carefully depict and focus on rendering the texture, shape and functional use of the product, and present the exquisite texture of the product attractively, giving people a realistic sense of reality, so that consumers have a sense of intimacy and trust in the advertised products

because this technique directly pushes the product in front of consumers, we should pay great attention to the combination and display angle of the products on the screen. We should focus on the brand of the product and the most moving parts of the product itself, and use color light and background to contrast, so that the product is placed in an infectious space, so as to enhance the visual impact of the advertising screen

2. The method of highlighting features

uses various ways to grasp and emphasize the distinctive features of the product or theme itself, and vividly display them. These features are placed in the main visual parts of the advertising screen or foiled, so that the audience can quickly feel it at the moment of contact with the verbal screen, pay attention to it and have visual interest, so as to achieve the promotional purpose of stimulating purchase desire

<5. Environmental experimental facilities should also be protected and maintained regularly p> in the performance of advertisements, these features that should be highlighted and rendered are generally determined by the special ability of distinctive product image, the enterprise logo of the manufacturer and the trademark of the product

the method of highlighting features is also a common and widely used expression method. It is one of the important methods of highlighting the theme of advertising, and has performance value that cannot be ignored

3. Contrast is the most prominent means of expression in artistic beauty, which tends to conflict. It expresses the nature and characteristics of the things depicted in the works in sharp contrast and direct contrast, and shows this through the other, compares and contrasts with each other, and achieves a concentrated, concise and tortuous performance from the differences presented by the contrast. Through this method, the performance and characteristics of the product are more clearly emphasized or prompted, giving consumers a profound visual experience

as a common and effective means of expression, it can be said that all arts must specify the friction coefficient after repeated experiments, which benefit from the comparative means of expression. The use of contrast not only strengthens the expression of the advertising theme, but also full of interest, expanding the appeal of advertising works. The successful application of contrast technique can make the seemingly ordinary picture processing imply rich meanings, and show the different levels and depths of the performance of the advertising theme

4. Reasonable exaggeration method

with the help of imagination, it obviously exaggerates a certain aspect of the quality or characteristics of the object advertised in the advertising works, so as to deepen or expand the understanding of these characteristics. The writer Gorky pointed out, "exaggeration is the basic principle of creation." Through this technique, we can more clearly emphasize or reveal the essence of things and strengthen the artistic effect of the works

exaggeration is generally seeking novelty and change. It exaggerates the characteristics of the object and the beauty of personality through fiction, giving people a sense of novelty and change

according to the characteristics of its performance, exaggeration can be divided into two types: morphological exaggeration and expression exaggeration. The former is a representational treatment, and the latter is an implicit modality treatment. Through the use of exaggeration, it injects a strong emotional color into the artistic beauty of advertising, and makes the characteristics of products distinctive, prominent and moving. Smelting is in the melting state

5 In order to express the theme more fully, we should emphasize, choose and condense the three-dimensional image in the advertising design, and grasp a point or a part with unique imagination to focus on description or extension and amplification. This kind of artistic treatment takes a little view of the whole, sees the big from the small, and never from the whole to the whole, which brings great flexibility and infinite expressiveness to the designer. At the same time, it provides a broad imagination space for the recipient, and obtains vivid interest and rich associations

seeing the "small" in the small is the focus of advertising picture description and the center of visual interest. It is not only the concentration and development of advertising creativity, but also the ingenious arrangement of designers. For this reason, it is no longer the "small" in the general sense, but the product of combining the small with the big, and highly refined with the small surpassing the big. It is a simple and deliberate pursuit

6. Through rich association in the aesthetic process, we can break through the boundaries of time and space, expand the capacity of artistic images, and deepen the artistic conception of the picture

through association, people see themselves or experience related to themselves in the aesthetic object, and the aesthetic feeling is often particularly strong, so that the aesthetic object is integrated with the reviewer of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, which leads to aesthetic resonance in the process of association, and the intensity of their feelings is always intense and rich

7. Humorous method refers to the clever reproduction of comic features in advertising works, grasping the local things in life phenomena, and showing them through some ridiculous features of people's sex, appearance and behavior

the expression of humor often uses interesting plots and clever arrangements to extend something that needs affirmation to the extent of comics, creating a humorous artistic conception that is full of interest, funny and intriguing. Humorous contradictions and conflicts can achieve unexpected and reasonable artistic effects, which can arouse the viewer's knowing smile and play the role of artistic appeal in a unique way

8. Borrowing metaphor

metaphor refers to selecting two things that are different in this copy and have some similarities in some aspects in the design process. "This thing is metaphorical to that thing". The metaphorical things have no direct relationship with the theme, but at some point they are similar to some characteristics of the theme, so they can be used to expand and transform, and obtain the artistic effect of "euphemism and elegance"

compared with other means of expression, metaphor is more implicit and sometimes difficult to see at a glance, but once you understand its meaning, it can give you an endless feeling of meaning

9. The most direct influence of art is the emotional factor. Aesthetics is the process of continuous exchange of feelings and resonance between the subject and the object of beauty. Art has the characteristics of conveying feelings. The sentence "touching people, don't precede feelings" has shown the role of emotional factors in art creation. In terms of expression methods, we should focus on selecting content with emotional tendencies, foil the theme with beautiful feelings, and truly and vividly reflect this aesthetic feelings, so as to obtain moving feelings and give play to the power of art to infect people, This is the pursuit of harmonious artistic conception and interest in modern advertising design literature

10. Suspense arrangement method

the depth is not less than 30cm. It mystifies the expression method and spreads doubts, which makes people unable to solve the problem at first glance, causing a psychological state of suspicion and tension, causing layers of waves in the audience's psychology, producing exaggerated effects, driving the curiosity and strong actions of consumers, opening positive thinking associations, and causing the audience to further explore the strong desire of the advertising theme, Then point out the theme of the advertisement through the title or text of the advertisement, so that the suspense can be lifted, leaving an unforgettable psychological feeling

suspense technique has quite high artistic value. First of all, it can deepen contradictions and conflicts, attract the interest and attention of the audience, create a strong feeling, and produce fascinating artistic effects

11. Choose idol method

in real life, people have objects they worship, admire or imitate in their hearts, and have a psychological desire to be as close to him as possible, so as to obtain psychological satisfaction. This technique is used in response to people's psychological characteristics. It captures people's psychology of admiring celebrity idols, selects the idols they worship in the eyes of the audience, and cooperates with the product information to convey to the audience. Due to the strong psychological appeal of celebrity idols, the foil of celebrity idols can greatly improve the impression and sales status of products, establish the credibility of famous brands, generate inexplicable persuasion, induce consumers' attention to the products praised by celebrity idols in advertisements, and stimulate their desire to buy. The choice of idols can be soft and romantic superstars, and world-famous male stars with extraordinary temperament; They can also be world-famous masters of men and women in sports. Others can also choose political dignitaries, celebrities, art masters, Battlefield Heroes, handsome men and women, etc. The choice of idols should be consistent with the advertised products or services in character, otherwise it will give people a sense of farfetching and make people refuse psychologically, so it will not achieve the expected purpose

12. Humorous imitation method

this is a creative metaphorical technique, which meaningfully adopts the borrowing method of replacing the old with the new, and takes the famous paintings and other works of art and celebrities familiar to the general public in the world as humorous images. After ingenious shaping and performance, it makes famous paintings and celebrities have a sense of humor, gives consumers a new and strange visual impression and relaxed and pleasant interest, and improves the advertising effect with its abnormality and mystery, Increase product value and visibility

this method of expression combines the persuasion of advertising into a kind of comic humor, which makes people admire, make you laugh, make you never forget, and leave a funny aftertaste

13. Magic magic method

uses abnormal exaggeration to weave mythological and fairy tale pictures with infinite imagination, reproduce reality in a magical scene, and create a certain distance from real life. This kind of expression method full of romanticism and freehand brushwork is more than realism. With the sudden magical visual feeling, it is very infectious and gives people a special feeling of beauty, It can meet the requirements of people who like strange and changeable aesthetic interests

in this way of expression, artistic imagination is very important. It is a sign of human intelligence development. Everything needs imagination, especially art. It is no exaggeration to say that imagination is the life of art

imagination is active from the beginning of creative conception to the end of design. The outstanding feature of imagination is its creativity. Creative imagination is the beginning of the excavation of new meanings and the emergence and display of new images. Its basic trend is to transform the experience aroused by association, and finally form a new image with the unique creation of the aesthete, producing a strong force to depress the hearts of the people

14. Continuous series method

through continuous pictures, a complete visual impression is formed, so that the advertising information conveyed through pictures and words is very clear, prominent and powerful

the advertising picture itself has a vivid and intuitive image, which can be accumulated repeatedly for many times, deepen consumers' impression of products or services, obtain good publicity effect, and play a great role in expanding sales, establishing famous brands, stimulating purchasing desire and enhancing competitiveness. As the premise of design strategy, the establishment of corporate image plays an important role that can not be ignored

as the basis of design composition, the grasp of formal psychology is very important. From the perspective of visual psychology, people hate monotony

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