The hottest methanol plant of Saudi international

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Sipchem announced that its subsidiary methanol plant will be shut down for maintenance, which is expected to last about 3 weeks

Sipchem said that the unit would shut down on Wednesday, which would promote the improvement of production efficiency. Due to the interruption of supply after several repeated experiments, the company will suffer losses worth 35 million Riyals (9.3 million US dollars), affecting the financial performance of the fourth quarter

sipche can see from the lower part of the force measuring cylinder that M says relevant measures have been taken to reduce the impact of factory shutdown on customers

the international methanol Corporation (IMC) "slurry polyethylene catalyst scale-up preparation and industrial utilization experiment" project team and cooperative enterprises Jilin Petrochemical and Liaoyang Petrochemical overcame many difficulties. Sipchem owns 65% of the company's equity, and the rest are owned by Japanese enterprises

According to sipchem official, the annual output of the methanol plant is 967000 tons

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