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China's methanol production capacity will reach 98.68 million tons in 2020

recently, it was learned from the China nitrogen fertilizer industry association that by the end of 2015, China's methanol production capacity is expected to reach 76.7 million tons. By 2020, China's methanol demand is expected to be about 86.83 million tons, of which the import volume accounts for about 10%, domestic methanol accounts for about 90%, and the export volume is about 800000 tons. According to the capacity utilization rate of 80%, the methanol capacity should reach 98.68 million tons by 2020

in addition, there are some uncompetitive backward production capacity in China's methanol industry. It is estimated that the backward production capacity will withdraw by about 6million tons by 2020. Based on the demand analysis of downstream products of methanol and polyurethane materials, which are new high-molecular materials, China's methanol industry needs to often clean and sanitary, and the new production capacity of alcohol needs to be controlled within 28million tons

as of 2014, the capacity of China's large methanol enterprises with more than one million tons accounted for 50% of the country's total capacity. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the industry concentration will be further improved, and the production capacity of methanol enterprises with more than one million tons should account for more than 80%. The number of methanol enterprises nationwide has fallen below 200, and 25 large-scale methanol enterprises with core competitiveness of more than one million tons have been established

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