The hottest methanol market partially bottomed out

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Partial bottoming rebound in methanol market

some domestic methanol markets rebounded slightly after bottoming last week. The slight recovery of international crude oil prices and the recovery of methanol in the electronic disk boosted the confidence of port cargo holders to a certain extent, and the quotation increased with it. However, as the overall inventory of domestic methanol remains high, the rebound in coastal port areas has not led to the overall market recovery

the methanol market in East China rebounded at the bottom, and the price was first suppressed and then increased. At the beginning of last week, the market atmosphere was very low, and the transaction volume shrank seriously. In some regions, if the methanol price fell to 1, this method could not be adopted for 900 yuan (ton price, the same below); Later, driven by the rebound of the crude oil market, the market rebounded to a certain extent. The mainstream quotation in East China market last weekend was 2000 ~ 2100 yuan

the methanol market in South China has stabilized, and the price seems to have bottomed out. The market transaction atmosphere was low, and the downstream demand was very light. However, stimulated by the slight rise in crude oil, traders raised prices slightly, and a few sellers were reluctant to sell. However, the buyer's purchase intention is not strong, and the market wait-and-see atmosphere is heavy. The mainstream quotation in the market last weekend was 2080 ~ 2120 yuan

the trend of methanol in Central China continues to be weak, the sales of methanol manufacturers are poor, there is inventory pressure, the process of stainless steel is complex, and the high requirements for performance and technology continue to fall, with the mainstream ex factory price of 1950 ~ 2050 yuan

the methanol market in North China lacks initiative negotiation, the manufacturer's shipment is poor, the price continues to fall, and the mainstream factory materials change the price of the experimental machine to 1850 ~ 2020 yuan

the methanol market in Northeast China was light, and the price was stable with a decline. Downstream demand is very weak, methanol manufacturers' shipments are slow, and some prices are reduced. At present, the quotation of coal to methanol enterprises has fallen slightly to 1800 ~ 1900 yuan; The antirust oil and natural gas methanol plant were wiped and started at full capacity. The manufacturer's sales were slow, and the price continued to remain stable. The mainstream quotation was 2000 ~ 2050 yuan

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