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The price of methanol plummeted, and Shangshi Institute issued temporary sales restriction measures

since September 28, methanol medium and long-term trading varieties have experienced six consecutive decline limits, reaching 2400 yuan, that is, a 20% decline. Not only the sudden decline in futures prices, but also the sharp decline in the spot price of methanol in the near future. Insiders said that the production cost of methanol in East China must be more than 2400 yuan/ton to make a profit, and the cost in some northwest regions is less than 2000 yuan per ton

in this regard, on October 14, the Shanghai Petroleum Exchange took temporary measures to restrict the sale of methanol medium and long-term trading varieties for the first time to curb abnormal fluctuations in methanol prices

the time when the market price of methanol began to decline was in the first ten days of September. At present, it has fallen to 3000 yuan/ton. People can control the operation of the experimental machine through the console, which is 28.06% lower than 4170 yuan in June

insiders believe that the irrational decline of methanol is closely related to the sluggish downstream demand and the sharp fluctuations in the coal market

the sudden fall of methanol price in electromechanical inversion is related to its downstream product dimethyl ether

because the price of dimethyl ether is restricted by the price of liquefied petroleum gas, it cannot continue to rise, resulting in a sharp reduction in downstream demand for methanol, methanol manufacturers have difficulties in shipping, and can only significantly reduce the price promotion

in recent years, the production capacity of dimethyl ether has also increased rapidly. According to the statistics of CHEMCHINA, the production capacity of dimethyl ether in 2007 was 2.2 million tons, which may be nearly 5 million tons this year. However, the operating rate of dimethyl ether this winter is about 30%. Many dimethyl ether enterprises in the fields of aviation aluminum profiles, titanium fasteners, avionics equipment, sound-absorbing and heat-insulating materials, coatings and so on are struggling to promote the plastic industry to the dead line of high-end

another reason for the sharp decline in the price of methanol is the impact of the market price of coal, a raw material of methanol. The expert said: "according to incomplete statistics, nearly one-third of coking enterprises nationwide stopped production or business in August, which indirectly led to the decline in coal prices, and then the downstream products of coal chemical industry also fell. In the case of the global economic change, the cross industry impact will become more prominent."

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