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Methanol opened low and went high for a short time or mainly in shock.

on September 17, methanol jumped low and went up in shock. Zhengzhou methanol 1401 contract opened low at 2829 yuan/ton and closed at 2861 yuan/ton, up 0.21%. The intraday trading range was yuan/ton, with 2748 transactions, 4668 positions and incremental positions

according to the monitoring data of "Steel Union Information coal chemical industry", yesterday, Shandong methanol market rose sharply, Lunan yuan/ton, Shanxi methanol market negotiation center rose 20 yuan/ton, Hebei methanol market rose sharply, mainstream yuan/ton. Today, the mainstream methanol factory in Shandong rose by yuan/ton; The methanol market in Henan rose, with the mainstream quotation of 270 yuan, that is, it is an internal friction generated in the fluid yuan/ton; Hebei local mainstream factory rose yuan/ton; The market of ports in East and South China is stable, and the quotation of methanol tank out of Jiangsu port is stable at yuan/ton

in August, the adjusted CPI of the euro zone increased by 1.3% year-on-year, which was in line with expectations and lower than the previous value, easing the market's concern about the rebound in inflation and causing tightening policies. Although the industrial output of the United States in August was less than expected, the manufacturing output recorded the largest increase in the year. In September, the manufacturing index of the Federal Reserve of New York fell unexpectedly, but the lead screw column also needs to be oiled. Enterprises' expectations of the future business environment continue to increase

domestically, on the 16th, the State Council issued opinions on strengthening the construction of urban infrastructure, which proposed to strengthen the construction of urban infrastructure, including the construction of urban road traffic infrastructure, and increase the efforts to stop and transform the construction of urban management

the spot market is still rising, but the demand side is still not positive. Given that the current QE expectation may suppress commodities to a certain extent, the methanol futures market may be dominated by shocks

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