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Yutong heavy industry: "dark horse" reappears in the BMW Exhibition Guide: at the second Shanghai BMW exhibition in 2004, Yutong heavy industry, another pillar industry of Yutong enterprise group, just turned one year old, fully demonstrated Yutong, the leader of China's bus industry, with its beautiful products, high and new technology, strong strength, huge lineup, impressive momentum and new look

at the second Shanghai BMW exhibition in 2004, "Yutong heavy industry", another pillar industry of Yutong enterprise group, just turned one year old, with beautiful products, high-tech, strong strength, huge lineup, impressive momentum and brand-new appearance, fully demonstrated the great changes and beauty of "Yutong", the leader of China's passenger car industry and the cradle of China's construction machinery, "Zhenggong", since its restructuring on october18,2003, It has aroused widespread concern in the industry and was praised as "a dark horse" by the industry at the end of 2004. Two years later, the "dark horse" image of Yutong heavy industry is especially present, and it once again appears in the 2006 Shanghai BMW exhibition in the image of "dark horse". What is different from the past is that it is more rational, pragmatic and steady on the way forward...

I. style part

the Biennial International Construction Machinery event - Bauma China has become an Asian construction machinery, building materials machinery, building materials machinery since it was first introduced to China by Germany Munich International Expo Group, Munich overseas exhibition service company and Shanghai New International Expo Center in november2002 A professional event in the engineering vehicle and equipment industry. The BMW Shanghai Exhibition in 2006 was even more eye-catching. Domestic and foreign businesses went all out to show their strength. Yutong heavy industry, known as the "dark horse" in the industry, will not refuse to attend the banquet. In order to fully demonstrate the Yutong concept of "focusing on people and cars" and the innovative spirit of "daring to be the first in the world", Yutong heavy industry once again appeared with the strength and personality of "dark horse" in this exhibition, with highlights one after another

highlight 1: the most varieties of exhibitors. Four series and eight kinds of products have been developed together - earth shoveling and transportation machinery: 956h tire loader, 966h tire loader, piling machinery: ytr260, ytr150, ytr100 rotary drilling rigs, road compaction machinery: 6526b tire roller, special vehicle machinery: zk5050jgk, zk5208jsq high-altitude working vehicles and truck mounted lifting and transportation vehicles, all of which are new products developed by "Yutong heavy industry" this year and pushed to the market with the strength of this exhibition

highlight 2: the product has the highest technical content. The main economic indicators of the 8 rotary drilling rigs and other new products unveiled for the first time are either "domestic leading" or "international advanced", and they are all built in strict accordance with the standards of "five first-class and one improvement" (first-class shape, first-class surface flatness, first-class coating quality, first-class interior decoration, first-class control system layout, and significantly improved product reliability) proposed by wuxianglin, vice president of Yutong group and chairman and party secretary of Yutong heavy industry, And unified use of light gray and yellow as the main colors to form the unique characteristics of "Yutong heavy industry". Breaking the traditional appearance modeling concept and highlighting the characteristics of Yutong heavy industry "will become the highlight of" Yutong heavy industry "in this BMW exhibition

highlight 3: new product promotion has the highest specification. In order to seize the business opportunity of this international construction machinery event, "Yutong heavy industry" solemnly announced with the help of this exhibition that 8 new products, including 956h tire loader, 966h tire loader, ytr260, ytr150, ytr100 rotary drilling rig, 6526b tire roller, zk5050jgk, zk5208jsq aerial work vehicle and truck mounted lifting and transportation vehicle, were officially launched

highlight 4: the largest booth area. The outdoor booth number applied for by "Yutong heavy industry" this time is B60, with an area of more than 500 square meters, which is the largest booth area for "Yutong heavy industry" to participate in various domestic and international exhibitions

highlight 5: the exhibition team is huge. "Yutong heavy industry" sent a delegation of nearly 200 people consisting of the company's middle and senior management, engineering and technical personnel and production backbone to the exhibition, which was unprecedented in scale

highlight 6: the most adequate preparations. In order to seize the development opportunities brought by this grand event, "Yutong heavy industry" set up a preparatory group for the BMW exhibition as early as the beginning of the year to actively prepare for the war. Wuxianglin, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Yutong heavy industry, and relevant senior executives personally supervised the war, striving to fully demonstrate the strength and scientific research achievements of "Yutong heavy industry" to domestic and foreign customers at the exhibition, making every effort to build the "Yutong heavy industry" brand and let the world know more about "Yutong heavy industry", Let "Yutong heavy industry" go further to the world

II. Brilliant part

"Yutong heavy industry" is the core enterprise of Yutong enterprise group, the professional manufacturing base of China's large-scale military and civil Wheeled Construction machinery, "China's 500 largest machinery industrial enterprises" and "China's export base of mechanical and electrical products", enjoying independent "import and export management rights". "Yutong heavy industry", which integrates scientific research and development, production, manufacturing, operation and sales, is the cradle of China's engineering machinery. In the past half century, more than 30 "China's first" have been born here. At present, it has formed five series of more than 50 varieties, including soil removal and transportation machinery, pavement compaction machinery, concrete machinery, piling machinery and professional vehicles. Its products are widely used in highway, railway, water conservancy, coal mine, petroleum and other systems, In the vast snow covered Qinghai Tibet Plateau, in the Xiaolangdi Reservoir of the Yellow River, in the beautiful southern Xinjiang of the motherland, in the construction site of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project across the two mother rivers, and in the major construction sites of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games under construction, the wisdom and strength of "Yutong heavy workers" are gathered. The products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Asia, the United States and Africa, such as the United States, Tunisia, Pakistan and Zambia, It created a record of 100 wheeled bulldozers exported to Peru, and set an impressive record of 1500 hours of continuous operation without failure at construction sites in Africa

III. flash part

"Yutong heavy industry" since its establishment, as an emerging pillar industry of Yutong enterprise group, with the strong support of the state, provinces and municipalities and all sectors of society, relying on the brand advantage of "Yutong" and in accordance with the enterprise philosophy of "benefiting the society, prospering the enterprise and enriching the employees", all employees have worked hard to seek development, and the competition in the domestic construction machinery industry has been intensifying When the large-scale organizational structure adjustment among industries, enterprise acquisition and integration are in the ascendant, and foreign capital and private capital are heavily involved, the focus of work and marketing strategy are timely adjusted, the improvement of the coordination ability of sales, product development and production, supply and marketing comprehensive plan is the top priority, and nearly 70million yuan has been invested to build joint workshops for special vehicles and road machinery, test workshops, complete machine paint lines, large piece paint lines, etc, At the same time, more than 10 large-scale equipment have been introduced, more than 100 welding overturned tires and welding machines have been purchased, and more than 10000 square meters of main road lawn have been afforested, which not only makes the company look new, but also solves the "bottleneck" of production capacity, provides a strong guarantee for the rapid development of "Yutong heavy industry", and keeps the annual growth rate at more than 50%. In the first 10 months of this year, "Yutong heavy industry" still maintained a high-speed growth momentum. Various major economic indicators reached record highs. The sales volume and sales revenue have exceeded the level of 2005. The sales volume and sales revenue have increased by more than 20% and 50% respectively over the same period last year. In particular, new businesses such as rotary drill and long screw have achieved a substantial growth of more than 400%, leaping to the first place in the industry. What is more gratifying is that through the unremitting efforts of "Yutong heavy industry" over the past three years, the new and old products of "Yutong heavy industry" have blossomed in both domestic and international markets at the same time

IV. R & D.

over the past few years, "Yutong heavy industry" has paid great attention to the boosting effect of scientific and technological innovation on the development of enterprises. It has paid close attention to both software construction such as employment mechanism and salary reform, and hardware construction such as technical transformation and product R & D, resulting in a rapid rise in product R & D speed, variety and market share. New product development records have been frequently refreshed, and development speed and efficiency are rare in the industry

in order to further improve the profitability and find new profit growth points, "Yutong heavy industry" quickly set foot in new fields such as piling machinery, concrete machinery and road compaction machinery through careful research, continuously expanded the industrial chain, and vigorously developed new products such as full hydraulic vibratory roller, concrete delivery pump, cantilever concrete pump truck, concrete mixing truck and concrete mixing plant, They have been produced in Yutong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. with world-class technology, superior product performance and broad market prospect

"Yutong heavy industry" invests 6% of the turnover in technical transformation every year, and more than ten new products enter the market every year. Since the beginning of this year, a number of independently developed high-end new products, such as "Yutong heavy industry" rotary drilling rig and concrete drag pump, have played a major role in the construction of Qinghai Tibet railway, Gezhouba project and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games project. In May2006, Yutong group merged the special vehicle sector with good operation and strong market competitiveness into "Yutong heavy industry", making the diversified development momentum of "Yutong heavy industry" products more and more obvious. From January to October this year, the sales revenue of new products of "Yutong heavy industry" has accounted for more than 30% of the total sales revenue. In particular, the sales volume and sales revenue of high-end products independently developed by "Yutong heavy industry" such as rotary drilling rig and long screw have achieved a significant increase of more than 300% and 700% respectively. Both of them have ranked first in the piling machinery industry. Tianfeng, deputy general manager of the company and general manager of the sales company, said in an interview with Henan TV station and other media: "the sales revenue of new products of Yutong heavy industry in 2007 will reach more than 50% of the total sales revenue."

the new products not only provide a strong guarantee for the stable and rapid development of "Yutong heavy industry", but also add a heavy weight for "Yutong heavy industry" to actively participate in market competition. At present, a number of new products with international competitiveness, such as new tire loaders, rotary drilling rigs, tire rollers, aerial work vehicles, truck mounted lifting trucks, etc., have made a strong debut at the Shanghai international engineering machinery BMW exhibition, and the 8 new products that have made their debut are all strictly in accordance with the requirements of the vice president of Yutong group and the chairman of Yutong heavy industry Wuxianglinti, the Secretary of the Party committee, can reduce the emissions of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64million tons in China, and strive to build the "five first-class and one improvement" standard

v. market part

the golden cup and silver cup are not as good as God's word of mouth

in order to achieve the medium - and long-term development strategic objectives of "Yutong heavy industry", Yutong heavy industry clearly put forward the business strategy of "establishing a customer friendly enterprise" at the end of 2005, redefined the sales function, changed the after-sales service management system from the original "fire-fighting" to the "whole process nanny service" in the form of technical support and management, actively promoted the "one-stop service" and created the after-sales service first person responsibility system, A return visit as a service verification system has been established, covering nearly 100 sales points and maintenance stations nationwide. At the same time, a series of activities have been carried out successively, such as special service station manager training, embarking on the journey of victory - Yutong heavy industry sales team Spring Festival special training camp, spring high-quality service month, seizing the opportunity to seize the market action, the scorching sun plan - 2006 National Customer Tour, touching the golden autumn personal service - Yutong heavy industry launched the 2006 National Customer tour of piling machinery, Yutong heavy industry's million feedback award winning machine purchase overseas tour, etc, Make the users of "Yutong heavy industry" really

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