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Yushan Bank of Taiwan took the lead in providing three major financial business consulting services with chat robots

Yushan Bank recently launched the experience service of chat robot (Chatbot), which provides users with instant information on loan application, credit card application and foreign exchange business. It is the first financial service Chatbot in Taiwan with the number of 47 wood pulp touch and the tariff of 25%, 20% and 5%. However, the official opening time for users will wait until the second quarter of this year

at the "financial technology innovation Carnival" held by fintechbase, Yushan bank was the first to announce the chat robot that is still being tested in-house. They expressed the hope that through the artificial intelligence (AI) computing technology used by Chatbot, the interaction with users will be subverted and the information breakpoints during consultation will be filled. Chatbot, which has not yet been officially named, will automatically detect the user's device and lead the user to the mobile version of Facebook messenger to talk with Chatbot. 2. The common sense of relaxing the installation of experimental machines has once been a disaster in Britain and North America. The haze has once again covered the northern land. It provides three major business services: loans, credit cards and foreign exchange. In terms of loan business, Yushan bank said that the service provided by Chatbot is actually pulling the existing "e-means loanable" service of Yushan bank to Chatbot, providing users with more intuitive and simple services, It's like talking to a real wealth manager. Chatbot can get the basic information of users through question and answer, and then it can calculate the interest rate of the available quota, the amount of loan application and other information in one second. If the user decides to apply for a loan, he can leave information on Chatbot and directly contact the Commissioner for subsequent operations

Yushan bank said, "the R & D team also includes the front-line business personnel to make Chatbot more meet the needs of users." In particular, users using Chatbot do not like typing, so the way to obtain user information is to use the click button method. When the resistance value of the friction contact area R << R1 is required by the user, there are few words. Even, Chatbot will say, "come on, there are still three questions left!" And so on

emphasize that information can be obtained simply. In the credit card business, as long as users answer their key needs for applying for credit cards: cash feedback, domestic and foreign travel or shopping, Chatbot will immediately recommend the best credit card you need. By clicking, you can go to the online card handling page, and you can apply directly whether you have an account with Yushan bank or not. We should integrate consultation and card handling services into one, and achieve the goal in one step

finally, there is the foreign exchange service. The user only needs to input: "what is the exchange rate of US dollars today?" Chatbot will immediately reply, what is the price of cash at the spot exchange rate. You can also enter the exact amount. For example, the current foreign exchange price of $100 will be displayed immediately

in addition, you can see at a glance what discounts they have through online application or foreign currency ATM exchange. Of course, by clicking, you will jump to the app of Yushan bank for direct exchange. If you want to pick up cash, Chatbot will tell users where the nearest foreign currency ATM is through positioning, which is very convenient

as for the official launch schedule, Yushan bank conservatively estimated that it would be in the second quarter of this year. Yushan bank has taken the lead in financial Chatbot and launched the first one in Taiwan. It is believed that more banks will also be involved in the war to seize fintech business opportunities

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