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Yutong heavy industry made a strong appearance in the second China Asia Europe Expo. Yutong heavy industry made a strong appearance in the second China Asia Europe Expo. Introduction to China Construction Machinery Information: on September 2, 2012, the second China Asia Europe Expo was reopened in Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. On September 3, 2012, the exhibition officially opened to welcome guests. The theme of this exhibition is harmonious development and win-win cooperation. The unique products from various countries made wonderful appearances, Yutong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. carries automobile hoisting machinery, engineering hoisting machinery

on September 2, 2012, the second China Asia Europe Expo was grandly opened in Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. On September 3, 2012, the Expo officially opened to welcome guests. With the theme of "harmonious development and win-win cooperation", Yutong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. made a strong landing with strategic products such as truck cranes, engineering hoisting machinery and earth moving equipment, which became a beautiful scene of the Expo

Yutong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a large-scale Chinese construction machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research and development, manufacturing and sales services. It has gradually become the focus of the international market. The booth was built with a thick and generous "Yutong blue", a clean and spacious customer reception site, and magnificent and domineering products. The overall style was like a "Blue Storm" sweeping the whole venue, attracting more and more attention from customers from all over the world to the safety of plastic and other parts used in kitchen appliances

the participating equipment of Yutong heavy industry this year are yt3621 mining truck, ytqh350a dynamic compaction, sq12sa3 truck mounted crane and 931A loader, all of which are strategic products of Yutong heavy industry. They are also popular products in the regional markets of Xinjiang and surrounding countries in recent years, Among them, the independently developed wide body yt3621 mining dump truck with independent intellectual property rights is the just concluded "2012 China mining truck robot competition" "According to the industry data, yt3621 occupies an absolutely dominant position in the mining vehicle market in Xinjiang. Its domineering appearance, comfortable and safe cab, stable performance and high attendance rate make it the first choice for Xinjiang coal mine transportation merchants.

yt3621 Yutong heavy industrial and mining dump truck

Yutong heavy industrial and mining heavy industry heavy tamping series products lifting machinery occupy the first place in the dynamic tamping industry. The dynamic tamping product ytqh350 in this exhibition A has the unique advantages of domestic advanced power unit, high stability chassis, high-strength boom, large tension free falling hook lifting winch, etc. it is a popular model for domestic foundation construction enterprises and exported overseas

control the opening size and direction of the servo valve ytqh350a dynamic compaction machine

Yutong heavy industry on-board lifting machinery products are specially invited guests to attend the Expo. Due to its unprecedented hot sales in the Xinjiang market, it is trusted by customers in Xinjiang and surrounding countries and regions. The on-board crane model - Yutong sq12sa3, which is designed with three-dimensional software and stress analysis, is safe, convenient and efficient, and is widely used in transportation Loading and unloading, rescue and long-distance transfer of goods in civil construction, power, petroleum, stone industry and wharf

sq12sa3 truck mounted crane

the Yutong heavy industry wheel loaders and wheel bulldozers represented by 931A loaders in this exhibition have more than 50 years of technical precipitation in the research, development and manufacturing of engineering machinery. They have been developed with the development of the engineering corps of the Chinese people's Liberation Army. As a famous and high-quality product in Henan Province, they enjoy a high reputation in the domestic market, and are exported to more than five countries in Europe, the United States, Africa, Asia and Oceania, and in Iran India has established CKD assembly line for mass production

931a loader

entering the post financial crisis era, Yutong heavy industry comprehensively adjusted the market strategy, reorganized the international marketing department, mobilized all resources and channels, distributed and expanded the global market, grabbed a batch of large orders, and strengthened the cooperative relationship with a batch of large customers. In recent years, the number of plastic machines imported into China in Xinjiang has also been rapidly promoted. Yutong heavy industry has become a first-line brand in the local market. YTR series mining trucks occupy a leading position in Xinjiang. In recent years, the overall share of Yutong heavy industry in the international market has also been greatly increased. Henan Yutong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., as the backbone of the national strategy of "the rise of central China", has the obligation to It will provide a strong driving force for the regional economic development of Xinjiang. Adhering to the purpose of "harmonious development and win-win cooperation", it will continue to expand international trade and promote international industry exchanges and cooperation

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