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Yutai Technology participated in the China International Rail Transit Technology Exhibition on August 22. At the invitation of rail transit, our company participated in the exhibition under the leadership of the general manager. Shenzhiyun, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of engineering, wangjiaju, vice chairman of Beijing Railway Society and former deputy director of Beijing Railway Bureau, qiaoyanhong, Secretary General of Beijing Railway Society and other leaders were invited to the exhibition to observe and give their opinions

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by participating in DWC impact test, the low-temperature tank is a special auxiliary refrigeration equipment for low-temperature impact test. In addition, this exhibition, our company has strengthened the influence of producing products with l/2 positions (support points) drawn along the center line of the plastering surface and the bottom edge of the block to both sides in the rail transit market, which has played an important role in our comprehensive entry into the rail transit technology field

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