The most popular yupoblue synthetic digital paper

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Yupoblue synthetic digital paper has been recognized by HP indigo

yupo America (Yupo Corp was recognized by the State Intellectual Property Office as the second batch of national enterprise intellectual property demonstration and creation units in 2010) has recently launched a new generation of synthetic digital printing paper yupoblue. This paper is specially developed for HP indigo digital printing machine, and is especially suitable for short edition and personalized printing

yupblue and HP indigo digital printing machines complement each other. This high-end printing material can provide necessary guarantees for businesses with extremely demanding time requirements

when the time requirement is very strict, yupoblue's fast drying performance makes printing enterprises feel more confident, said Mr. Troy Olson, marketing director of Yupo company. Because the ink can be firmly combined with the yupblue digital paper affected by processing, you don't have to worry about the scratch, deinking and other problems on the paper

yupblue is a kind of digital paper with very good dimensional stability. It has also passed HP's high requirement certification for materials. Like all other products of Yu Po company, yupoblue is bright white, very smooth and durable. It is also dirt proof, 100% waterproof and has good tensile strength

it should be noted that Yu usually judges from the following three points: poblue can only be used for HP indigo digital printers, but not for inkjet digital printers and laser digital printers

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