Liquid wallpaper is becoming more and more popular

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In recent years, a kind of “ Liquid wallpaper ” Began to be admired by the majority of consumers. This has “ Liquid wallpaper ” The famous liquid art wallpaper is generally constructed by directly applying wall coatings of various colors on the flat wall base surface, which is not only close to silk in texture, but also contains no toxic ingredients, making it safer and healthier to use. According to the needs of customers, we can choose to deploy various colors of pigments, combined with appropriate patterns, which is easier to achieve harmony and unity with the indoor decorative style, so it becomes the best choice to replace the traditional wallpaper

now the popularity of liquid wallpaper in the field of wall decoration has affected the development and prosperity of the paint market. With more and more people choosing this new type of interior wall decoration paint, liquid wallpaper will become a powerful force to drive the consumption of the home decoration market, so the popularity of liquid wallpaper is the inevitable trend of the development of wall decoration in the future. It is precisely because of the promising development of liquid wallpaper that more and more so-called “ Liquid wallpaper manufacturer ”. According to insiders, the main advantages and disadvantages of liquid wallpaper are as follows “ Four look ”: Water soluble at first glance. After liquid wallpaper is stored for a period of time, the pattern particles in it will sink, and there will be a layer of protective glue solution on it, which generally accounts for about 1/4 of the total paint. For liquid wallpaper with good quality, the protective glue solution is colorless or yellowish and clear; The coating with poor quality, the protective glue solution is turbid, and obviously presents the same color as the pattern color particles. The main problem is not the poor stability of the coating, or the storage period has expired, so it is not suitable for reuse. Second, look at the floating objects. For liquid wallpaper with good quality, there is usually no floating object on the surface of the protective glue solution, and it is normal to have a few floating objects of color particles. However, if there are a large number of floating objects, and the color particles are full of the surface of the solution, or even have a certain thickness, it is not normal, which indicates that the quality of this coating is poor. Third, look at particle size. Take a transparent glass, fill it with half a glass of water, then take a little paint, put it into the water and stir it. For high-quality coatings, the water in the cup is still clear, and the particles are relatively independent and uniform in clear water; For poor quality liquid wallpaper, the water in the cup will immediately become muddy, and the particle size will show differentiation. A small number of large particles are like pimples, and most of them are fluffy small particles. Fourth, look at the sales price. The liquid wallpaper with good quality is produced by regular manufacturers according to the formula, and the price is moderate; However, the coatings with poor quality, some of which cut corners in production, or even counterfeit production, have a low cost, and the sales price is much cheaper than the coatings with good quality





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