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At present, about 200000 children die from upper respiratory tract infection caused by home decoration pollution in China every year, of which more than 100000 children under the age of 5 are related to indoor air pollution. At present, formaldehyde hazards mainly come from inferior home decoration materials. However, the actual measurement shows that about 60% of home decoration uses qualified home decoration materials although the formaldehyde exceeds the standard. The excessive formaldehyde is mainly due to excessive decoration and the accumulation of formaldehyde emission

various signs show that home decoration pollution is the culprit of childhood leukemia. The National Children's health agency found in the study of the history of leukemia children that nearly 90% of the children's homes have been decorated recently, and many children's homes are still luxuriously decorated

songguangsheng, director of the environmental monitoring center of the China Interior Decoration Association, told reporters that indoor environmental pollution does harm to children's health mainly in five aspects: it induces children's blood diseases. Medical research has proved that environmental pollution has become the main cause of leukemia; Increase the incidence rate of asthma in children; Cause congenital abnormality of newborn; Cause neonatal heart disease; The intelligence of children is greatly reduced

case 1: the child suffered from leukemia when formaldehyde exceeded the standard nearly three times.

last summer, a disaster hit Mr. Pu in Xichong County. His smart and lively son congcongcong (a pseudonym) suffered from leukemia and was admitted to the treatment room of West China second hospital. At noon on June 7, after careful sampling at nearly 20 sampling points in Mr. Pu's newly decorated house, he was sent back to the laboratory for testing

the results of the test report showed that the formaldehyde in Congcong's children's room exceeded the standard by nearly three times. According to the detection personnel of the Institute of ionizing radiation, during the field detection, the radon concentration of the mattress in Congcong's bedroom once reached 120bq/m3 (while according to the relevant national standards, the radon concentration should be within 100bq/m3). It has been almost two years since I moved in, and these toxic and harmful substances are still so serious that it is conceivable that the test results of the newly decorated ones are at least 10 times higher than now

according to Mr. Pu, since there was no formal and professional home decoration company in the local county, he purchased home decoration materials by himself after buying his new house, and began to decorate after finding a construction team at random. After 5 months of fitment and construction, I moved into my new house after purchasing all the furniture

originally intended to create a quiet and relaxed learning and living environment for his son. But after the Spring Festival, Congcong's body changed obviously. At first, he was prone to colds and fever, and then he didn't like eating. The family thought it was a small cold, but just after treatment, a few days later, the same situation occurred again

in early April this year, Mr. Pu's family found that congcongcong's calf had needle like bleeding points, which was diagnosed as thrombocytopenia by Xichong. After taking the medicine, Xiao Congcong was sent to North Sichuan hospital for examination and was diagnosed with leukemia. Then Mr. Pu immediately sent Congcong to the West China Second Hospital of Sichuan University for examination. Results it was diagnosed as M2 a acute leukemia. If Xiao Congcong's condition can be cured, it will take at least two years, and the cost is more than 200000 yuan





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