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Since its establishment in 2005, Deville has put green ecology into practice and fully realized the all-round low-carbon operation from raw material procurement, production environment, processing and manufacturing, terminal sales to after-sales service. Deville has already made all-round preparations for environmental protection

at present, the new "environmental protection law" was voted and adopted at the eighth meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People's Congress. This is the first major revision of the environmental protection law in the past 25 years. It is reported that the new environmental protection law was implemented on January 1st, 2015, which has made major breakthroughs in haze control, information disclosure, environmental protection law enforcement, etc. This puts forward higher environmental protection requirements for wardrobe enterprises in production, operation and management

as one of the few people in China's wardrobe industry who has passed the "China environmental label product certification", Deville has put green ecology into practice since its establishment in 2005, and has fully realized the all-round low-carbon operation from raw material procurement, production environment, processing and manufacturing, terminal sales to after-sales service. Facing the "strictest environmental protection law in history", Deville has already taken the lead in making all-round preparations

each set of Deauville wardrobe strictly implements the highest environmental protection standard from material and hardware to manufacturing process.

Deauville wardrobe establishes a development model based on environmental carrying capacity.

the new environmental protection law requires the establishment of a monitoring and early warning mechanism for resource and environmental carrying capacity, the implementation of environmental protection target responsibility system and assessment and evaluation system, the formulation of economic policies should fully consider the impact on the environment, and implement environmental assessment and approval restriction for areas that have not achieved environmental quality goals, Improve the environmental quality step by step. These regulations will become an important basis for promoting green national economic accounting, establishing a development model based on environmental carrying capacity, and promoting the green transformation of China's economy

dewell wardrobe, together with Huang Shengyi, launched E0 grade wooden board

within dewell enterprise, there is also an environmental protection monitoring mechanism. Whether it is raw material procurement or finished cabinet, relevant personnel will detect one by one, and even take the initiative to ask the authoritative environmental protection department to monitor dewell products and resolutely improve those who fail to meet the standard

in the research and development of boards, the "wood board" that has been hot in the industry recently is the newly upgraded healthy and environmental friendly board launched by dewell wardrobe in conjunction with huafangzhou wood industry group, the world's top environmental protection board manufacturing expert. The formaldehyde emission reaches E0 level, which maximizes the health and environmental protection of the source of the board. In terms of edge banding technology, German Haomai equipment is used for edge banding. After more than ten processes, the formaldehyde emission of the finished cabinet is far lower than the environmental protection standard, and it can be installed and used immediately. Due to its excellent environmental performance, Deville is one of the few wardrobe brands that has obtained the "ten ring certification"

in addition, each department of Deville will also carry out environmental protection goal responsibility competition, such as the labor competition for the utilization of processing residues and waste; At the same time, the company will give different rewards to those who pass the examination. As a result, a strong awareness of environmental protection has been formed among all employees in dewell enterprise, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise to a green economy

The new environmental protection law has changed the traditional way of relying mainly on the government and departments to fight alone in the past, and embodies the modern environmental governance concept of multi governance and social participation. Among them, governments at all levels are responsible for environmental quality, enterprises bear the main responsibility, citizens report violations, social organizations participate in accordance with the law, and the news media supervise by public opinion

Deville often invites authoritative experts, scholars, media reporters and the public to visit the factory for personal inspection and supervision, including on-site sampling of materials and inspection of the production environment. The relevant staff of Deville will also carry out strict procedures such as regular testing of factory exhaust gas, waste water and noise, and finished product testing. Even Deville will take the initiative to show the test report of the national authoritative inspection agency, so as to ensure that the factory will not pollute the surrounding environment and disturb the people, Establish a harmonious community environment

at the same time, Deville will regularly publish the environmental protection status and basic data of the production base, fully meet the citizens' right to know, participate and supervise the environment, and encourage and protect citizens to report environmental violations

dewell wardrobe adheres to ecological protection and builds brand sustainable development.

the green economy and practical environmental protection wardrobe advocated by dewell is a comprehensive business philosophy, which realizes a comprehensive low-carbon operation from raw material procurement, production environment, processing and manufacturing, terminal sales to after-sales service. The development and growth of Deville benefits from the enterprise philosophy of "never buy out the future with a temporary high return", the enterprise values of "harmonious unity of social responsibility, enterprise development and personal interests", and the enterprise code of conduct of "abiding by laws and regulations, continuous improvement, integrating science and technology into nature; leading science and technology, quality first, and serving customers wholeheartedly". Deville has been creating a legend for ten years, not at the cost of sacrificing environment and ecological resources and harming the healthy life of consumers, reducing the waste of ecological resources and excreting waste, striving to create wealth for the society and realize the sustainable development of enterprises and society

feeling of love, choice of home! Deville has passed the "China environmental label product certification" which is the only one recognized by the state, the highest environmental protection certification in China and the highest gold content. As a responsible wardrobe brand, it respects life, conforms to nature and protects health, puts green ecological wardrobe in the first place of enterprise development strategy, and integrates the construction of ecological civilization advocated by the state into enterprise culture and employees' words and deeds, In this way, the dewell brand can truly achieve sustainable development and make sustainable use of resources and environment




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