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"Don't ask me where I come from, my hometown is far away..." cough... In fact, I was originally a small owner, and later I became an undercover lurking in the interior of home decoration! Seeing many novice decorators search "rough house decoration steps" on the Internet, the vast majority of articles will say when referring to hydropower transformation, we must be horizontal and vertical! I'm angry! I feel sad for those owners who believe in this! Friends, it may be you who say that water and electricity are horizontal and vertical

“ Don't ask me where I come from, my hometown is far away &hellip& hellip;& rdquo; Cough &hellip& hellip; In fact, I was originally a small business owner, but later I became an undercover lurking in the interior of home decoration! I see many novice decorators searching online “ Rough room decoration steps ”, When most articles mention hydropower transformation, they will say that it must be horizontal and vertical! I'm angry! I feel sad for those owners who believe in this! Friends, it may be you who say that water and electricity are horizontal and vertical

in the above figure, the wires and water pipes are laid horizontally and vertically. Is it very beautiful? It's the gospel of obsessive-compulsive disorder

looking at this picture again, the pipelines are scattered in a mess, and there is no sense of beauty. People have an impulse to straighten them out

if you only look at “ Beauty ” If “ Horizontal and vertical ” Relentless rolling “ Scattering ”; However, if you consider the practicality and security, you will find “ Horizontal and vertical ” It's simply a “ Slag man &rdquo

◆ did you make it? With regard to wire wiring standards, the country has a clear technical specification

national standard "code for construction of residential decoration engineering", which has the following provisions:

16.3.3. Concealed wire laying must be equipped with pipes. When the length of the pipeline exceeds 15m or there are two right angle bends, a pull box should be added

16.3.4 wires in the same circuit should be threaded into the same pipe, but the total number of wires in the pipe should not exceed 8, and the total cross-sectional area of wires (including insulating sheath) should not exceed 40% of the cross-sectional area in the pipe

according to the provisions of the latter paragraph, the commonly used 4-branch PVC conduit has an internal sectional area of about 126 square mm, and the full sectional area of 2.5 square wires is about 8.97--10.41 square meters. Based on 9 square meters, one tube is allowed to pass through 126*40%/9 = 5.6, that is, a 4-branch pipe can pass through 5 2.5 square wires. Is this data important

in home decoration projects, hydropower profits account for a considerable proportion, which is no longer the concept of thousands of Yuan before. Taking the residence with a construction area of 150 square meters as an example, in practice, the cost of water and electricity transformation is from 1W to 5W, which is not uncommon

◆ about the route direction of hydropower reconstruction

this cost is closely related to the length of hydropower pipeline, which is generally charged according to the meter of pipeline or water pipe. Therefore, in practice, there is “ Horizontal and vertical ” And “ Shortest distance ” Two basic routing methods

● water pipe “ Horizontal and vertical ” No problem

because most water pipes use PPR pipes, bending is generally not allowed, and the connector fittings are mainly straight, tee, right angle and 45 degree bend, which are generally used “ Horizontal and vertical ” There is no problem with this method. In practice, the number of water faucets is small, and the direction is relatively clear and simple. There is rarely the phenomenon of more length, so you can generally rest assured. Of course, the proper use of 45 degree elbow can effectively reduce the length

● there are many patterns in the direction of strong current and weak wire pipes

now PVC pipes are basically used for concealed wire laying in home decoration

see the figure below. If it is necessary to connect the A1 wiring pipe from the bottom box on the wall to the A2 bottom box on the opposite wall, and from the B1 wiring pipe to the B2 bottom box on the opposite wall. Then in general practice, you may see the first, second, third and the fourth walking method of another figure, or there is a more curved and complex walking method, 25000 light-year length walking method

◆ why water and electricity “ Horizontal and vertical ” It may be that you are

● technically speaking, the horizontal and vertical are very irregular

compare the above electrical installation technical specification inspection. A right angle bend is required for the line pipe to go from the wall to the ground and along the ground; Then on the opposite wall, there is another right angle bend. These two bends are necessary and have been used up “ 16.3.3 concealed wire laying must be equipped with pipes. When the length of the pipeline exceeds 15m or there are two right angle bends, a pull box should be added ” There are two right angle bends inside, and no right angle bend is allowed in the middle, otherwise “ Pull box ”, Even if you use a curved bend, it is essentially a right angle bend. If you don't believe it, go back and ask your beautiful primary school math teacher in those days

what artifact is the pull box? It's the bottom box, which is covered with a cover plate to open the maintenance cable. Can a pull box be added in the middle of concealed wire laying? Unlikely? Otherwise, after the completion, the ground and wall are covered with white boards. Who can stand it

therefore, only “ Specification ” Of “ Standard practice ”, Only the first “ Shortest route ” Walking, other walking methods are not in line with “ Specification ”. Other walking methods have reached 3, 4 or more right angle bends

that is to say, in the technical specification, “ Horizontal and vertical ” The second, third and fourth way of walking say no! This is illegal! Don't pretend that this is the standard

● in terms of maintenance and detection, horizontal and vertical are too troublesome

&mdash& mdash; How to find the pipeline location

in the first way, there is only one possibility for the direction of the conduit, that is, the two bottom boxes correspond to the ground vertically, and connect the two points. This line is the conduit position, which is very accurate

unless you know how to walk in advance, there are two possibilities for the second, third and fourth walking methods, including the fourth. A1 and B1 can also walk to the left first to form another similar walking method

which method is convenient to determine the location of pipelines hidden under the floor in the future? Needless to say

—& mdash; There are too many elbows to pull out

the circuit inevitably needs to be repaired, replaced and increased. The less the elbows, the shorter the length, and the less the resistance, the easier it is to pull out. If there are four or five elbows in the middle of a 4-branch pipe, and three 4-square-meters of wires are threaded inside, there will be a lot of friction between the plastic of the wire jacket and the PVC pipe. If you don't use a wire puller, you can't pull it by hand, and you can't maintain it. If the first shortest route method is adopted, it can be easily pulled out for replacement, additional wires and other maintenance

—& mdash; After concealment, no matter how beautiful you are, you can't see

praise “ Horizontal and vertical ” Of “ Technical school ”. A big reason is this “ Neat and beautiful ”. In particular, the fourth way above is to cooperate with other pipelines and lean together side by side. Within 30cm from the root of the wall, it is a mighty friendship. How beautiful it is to walk around

however, after the slot filling is hidden, how can you see whether the following is beautiful? Golden eyes? Hey, hey, it is recommended to stick several labels: all the conduits inside are “ Horizontal and vertical ” The walking method is very beautiful, which is not comparable to that of ordinary Shanzhai. This can reflect its extraordinary value

nailing on the wall. First of all, if the conduit is suspended from the ceiling on the ground, it is generally vertical; When the socket switch is on the ground, it is also vertical. According to this rule, it is not difficult to judge this position. Then there is the problem that the walls of the two adjacent bottom boxes are pulled directly. It can also be accurately positioned according to the position of the bottom box, so it can't be nailed

now people are also rich in experience. After the pipe laying and threading is completed, use a camera to take pictures of all water and electricity and record ‘ Carve a disc and put it away. If you really want to hit a nail, you can see the uncertain places clearly by looking at the photos or videos. The shortest distance is just the straight pull of the bottom box. It's too accurate to be more accurate

besides, “ Horizontal and vertical ” Can you quickly determine the routing of the conduit inside? There are still more possibilities

who will nail on the wall all day long? If you want to hang pictures, most of them are hung on the socket switch. There is no wiring pipe in that area. Is the water pipe good

must hydropower transformation be horizontal and vertical? Listen to experts' analysis

&mdash& mdash; Laying solid wood flooring meets challenges

this is the biggest challenge to the above technical specifications

however, after the ground is leveled, according to the above wiring characteristics, just use ink line to accurately pop up the wiring. Once and for all, you can also see the maintenance of wooden floors in the future. The developers of household water pipes also marked that nailing is strictly prohibited. How difficult is it? It's very useful. Horizontal and vertical lines should also be marked, OK

the shortest distance of the wall is directly pulled, which reduces the cross-sectional area of the wall and affects the strength of the wall

look at your invisible anchor line. At the root of the wall, the mortar was knocked off and the anchor line was pasted. The anchor line is not a thing that can bear force. Be careful that the wall falls down! The horizontal slotting or oblique slotting on the wall is not the root of the wall. It is just that a little more mortar layer has been knocked off. How big is the impact? Will it be larger than the invisible anchor line

if the two points on the wall are too far away, it's OK to walk on the ground and come up again. Very few parts are horizontal and vertical. Very close? Forget it, just hold hands directly. This social friendship will not lose face. Under the principle, we should also be flexible

● in terms of cost and energy saving, horizontal and vertical “ Waste people and money &rdquo

—& mdash; On “ Horizontal and vertical ” The relationship with GDP

should be awarded to dark wire laying “ Horizontal and vertical ” The inventor of the line won the Nobel Prize. It could have been pulled from point to point, but it had to be done in a big circle; Those who could have walked through the wall to the room behind the wall had to abide by the law and go around the door

because of the massive application of this rule, the consumption of hydropower materials has been greatly increased, social production and consumption have been stimulated, and the economy has been greatly boosted. Precious GDP! How many tens of billions of GDP has China increased every year? Thank the owners

because it is horizontal and vertical, the length of wiring can be doubled or even multiplied. With one conduit, the number of wires can be reduced and the conduit can be increased. The circuit facilities are unreasonable. It is deliberately pulling wires directly from the distribution box in Siberia and other treasures. The hydropower transformation that could have been completed with 10000 yuan will be increased to 30000 yuan, which is unknown. Hehe, he not only made money, but also made great contributions to the national GDP and tax revenue

—& mdash; Loss of electricity in layers of obstacles

junior high school physics common sense tells us that wires have a certain resistance. When the current passes, the wire will heat up and consume a certain amount of power. The resistance of copper wire is proportional to its length. If the length is doubled, the resistance is doubled, and the calorific value of wire is doubled, so the wasted power is doubled

in home decoration, if you spend more money, you can have better results and more comfortable enjoyment, which is also worth it. After all, this is the embodiment of consumption behavior and value. However, these hidden rules and tricks of hydropower, in addition to increasing power loss, increasing maintenance difficulty, increasing costs, and increasing waste, basically do nothing good

so far, how to route the hydropower transformation? Do you understand

the last paragraph is a summary statement: for hydropower decoration, the reasonable approach is &ldq




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