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Application of Hollysys DCS system in high-strength corrugated paper production line

I. process overview and control requirements

1. Process overview

this production device uses wheat straw as raw material to produce corrugated paper. The 4400/600 high-speed paper machine produced by Shanghai paper machinery factory is selected, which has high production efficiency and stable product quality

the whole device is divided into three parts: semi chemical pulp workshop, papermaking workshop and waste paper workshop. Semi chemical workshop is a pulp preparation workshop, which makes wheat straw into pulp that can be used to make paper sheets; The papermaking workshop includes auxiliary material preparation, pulping and papermaking since this year; The waste paper workshop mainly uses the purchased waste paper for deinking and beating to make pulp. Because corrugated plastics are produced, and how many of them are facial papers that are burned and landfilled, there is no bleaching process and no alkali recovery workshop when making pulp in the semi chemical workshop

2. Requirements of process on control system

requirements of automation level

this production device is a new device for the enterprise. Most of the original production lines of the enterprise are manually operated, and there are many base instruments. There are many operators with high intensity and quantity; Low labor productivity; Unstable quality; It is difficult to increase production. In order to get rid of this disadvantage, when the project was launched, Galaxy paper selected the technologically advanced and stable Macs system as the control system of the device

II. Control content

semi chemical workshop

start and stop control of pumps and motors, interlock stop

control of continuous steamer

control of pulper

control of black liquor filter, etc.

start and stop control of pumps and motors in the copying workshop

interlock stop

control of auxiliary material preparation system

control of slurry mixing

three-stage gas supply control,the Ventilation system control, etc.

waste through the implementation of the project, paper workshop

control of the second stage fiber separator

control of the second stage pressure screen

liquid level control and liquid level interlock of each storage tank

control of high and medium concentration desander

control of hydraulic pulper, etc.

III. application

Galaxy Paper Co., Ltd. according to the needs of the domestic paper market, In the 20th, it can effectively meet the impact resistance test requirements of explosion-proof equipment. In 2001, a set of 100000 ton/year high-strength corrugated paper production line was launched. The MACS system of Beijing Hollysys System Co., Ltd. won the market reputation for its excellent product performance and the performance of Hollysys in the paper industry. It was selected as the control system of the project. In June, 2002, the project was successfully started and operated normally. At the end of 2002, Galaxy Paper Co., Ltd. launched the second phase project with the same scale as the first phase project, and the control system was also Macs system

IV. control effect and economic benefit

macs system was successfully started up and entered normal production on this project (phase I project) in June 2002. The system operates stably, the system control effect is good, all process indicators are normal, and the product quality is stable, which has brought great economic benefits to Galaxy paper company

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