Application of hottest Advantech PAC in solar ener

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Application of Advantech PAC in solar monitoring system

project introduction

Xingda power plant is a large-scale thermal power plant located in Yong'an Town, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. In recent years, taking advantage of its geographical advantages in southern Taiwan, Xingda power plant has begun to develop megawatt solar power generation with special capacity to contribute to the development of new energy for the government

system requirements

this result shows that X-ray fluorescence can be used to judge whether recycled materials are added to the sample. According to the project, 4500 groups of solar panels are set up, with a power generation of 953,19kw. It is expected to develop a set of system to complete the measurement of solar sunshine data, power generation data and the control of mains parallel connection. In this project, data collection and analysis are very important, such as sunshine intensity, total DC power of the system, average conversion efficiency of solar cell modules, Total AC output power of power converters, average conversion efficiency of power converters, DC power generation ratio of the system, total operating hours, cumulative measurement of carbon dioxide emission reduction, cumulative DC power generation, cumulative AC power generation and other information to monitor and display in real time

Xingda power plant cooperates with maodi, Chuangyi technology and Advantech to build a solar power generation project. Maodi is Taiwan's largest and the world's top ten solar cell manufacturers; Chuangyi technology is an excellent system integrator in the field of public works; Advantech is a pioneer in the control and monitoring equipment of the global energy industry. Its programmable automation controller PAC products have the characteristics of measurement, control, analysis, etc. if it is simply done ≥ 15mm, it is possible to select 2000N machines, which can make the strength inspection results of T-joints of embedded parts in power plants more efficient

project implementation

adam-5550kw micro PAC, Xscale CPU

adam-5017 12 channel analog input module

adam-5053 24 channel digital input module

adam-5056 24 channel digital output module

system architecture

system description

in order to accurately calculate the illumination and evaluate the efficiency of solar panels, Xingda power plant needs to adopt a strong and compact controller to meet its control, analog signal measurement Fast data sampling, recording, analysis, remote configuration and maintenance. After many considerations, Xingda power plant selects Advantech PAC products as its controller, which has rapid measurement, recording, control, storage and remote maintenance functions, and fully meets the needs of Xingda power plant. Adam-5550kw provides a multi-functional data acquisition module in addition to the above functions. The professional software softlogic provided by itself allows engineers to use it freely in program design. The analog input module is used to measure the solar panel temperature, sunshine intensity, shading temperature, etc; The digital input module is responsible for measuring the state parameters of the equipment, such as temperature and voltage; Monitoring of fire alarm, tripping of circuit breaker and low DC/AC voltage when the system is abnormal. The digital output module is responsible for the state control of the gas circuit breaker and the parallel task of mains power

analog input module adam-5017 is responsible for monitoring the temperature, illumination and shading temperature of solar panels, measuring and analyzing the power storage and energy conversion of solar panels, and recording current and voltage. As the main controller, adam-5550kw has the ability of fast calculation, monitors the conversion process of direct and AC, analyzes the efficiency of equipment, and confirms the service life of voltage converter. The digital input module adam-5053 is responsible for collecting alarm information, temperature sensing, heat, IGBT overheating, current contacts, CT, MOV and VAC circuits. The digital output module adam-5056 is used to accurately control the state of the gas circuit breaker and complete the task of parallel connection of mains power


Advantech PAC has the functions of rapid measurement, recording, storage, control and remote maintenance, as well as multi-functional data acquisition module and softlogic professional software. This project confirms that Advantech PAC products are your first choice for power monitoring of new energy equipment. (end)

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