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Replacing the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp in situ, Philips LED street lamp rushed to attack the market

with the improvement of LED chip and driving power technology, the problems of heat dissipation, light failure, power supply and other problems that perplex LED street lamps have been solved. At the same time, the continuous and rapid decline in price has improved the cost performance of LED street lamps that have been engaged in the research, development and production of medical plastic products for more than 30 years

nowadays, domestic LED street lamps have gradually replaced traditional street lamps as the main force of newly installed street lamps. At the same time, the intelligent control characteristics of LED street lamps in the future have strengthened the advantages of LED street lamp products. Under the current background of energy conservation and emission reduction, local governments are also widely promoting LED street lamp products

the selection and registration of 2018 senior engineering Golden Globe Award has been officially launched, and the event has been actively supported and participated by many led enterprises in the industry. Among them, lighting (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Philips Lighting") decided to take its new product "Philips tureforce HIL series LED street light source" to hit the Golden Globe Award, and wanted to win the "annual innovative product award" of outdoor lighting

it is understood that the "Philips trueforce LED street light source" selected in the Golden Globe Award this time is Philips Lighting's first in-situ replacement LED street light source product for traditional high-pressure sodium lamps. By replacing this innovative LED product, the LED upgrade of the road light source can be achieved without replacing the existing floodlights

at the same time, "Philips tensile test high-temperature furnace: it is applied to hydraulic universal testing machine and electronic universal testing machine to provide high-temperature environment for its samples. Trueforce LED street lamp light source" can also output luminous flux (lumen value) similar to traditional street lamps. There are warm white and cold white color temperatures to choose from, and these light sources can adapt to the traditional street lamp system that has been evolving in the past 20 or 30 years, and seamlessly replace the existing street lamp light source. In addition, compared with the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp, the color rendering index of Philips trueforce LED street lamp light source has also been significantly improved, making users feel more comfortable and safe

in addition, this product also has strong market competitiveness. For example, "Philips trueforce LED street lamp light source" is the first product of Philips Lighting that adapts to the standard E27 interface. It can restore the lighting effect of traditional street lamps, reduce the maintenance, replacement and repair time, and reduce the joint and several effects caused by matching replacement and road closure. Not only that, it also has a service life of up to eight years. Compared with traditional bulbs, it can save 45% energy, reducing operating costs on the whole

Ms. Xiao Dan, general manager of xinnuofei Greater China integrated communication department, said frankly, "As a leader in the lighting industry, with the help of its strong strength in the field of LED light sources and lamps, we continue to promote the innovative development of the industry. Philips tureforce HIL series products are also the first in-situ replacement LED street lamp light source products for traditional high-pressure sodium lamps. Because this series of products do not need to replace lamps and rewire, it has excellent light distribution and maintenance The advantage of low cost makes it an ideal choice for upgrading urban road lighting. "

the LED street light source based on Philips trueforce has strong innovation and market competitiveness. At present, the product has been put into use in Nacka, Sweden. According to Naka's local street lamp lighting system, the greater absolute value is generally defined as the peak. Mikael Jansson, an expert, said, "Philips trueforce LED street lamp light source can restore the high-quality lighting effect of traditional street lamps. Compared with the 70 watt traditional high-pressure sodium lamp, it is more stable and safe in the outdoor environment. At the same time, this product is easy to install and can be adapted to different lighting equipment. Even if the budget is limited, it is still the preferred solution for LED transformation."

then, whether Philips trueforce LED street light source can win the Golden Globe Award will be announced at the "2018 senior engineering led 10th anniversary annual meeting and Golden Globe Award Ceremony" held on December this year. At that time, more than 500 + LED executives will gather in Shenzhen Venus Royal Hotel (Bao'an Shajing) to find new ideas for the industry. Please pay attention

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