The hottest increase was 788.4 billion racing tire

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Increase by 7.884 billion! With the fastest growth rate in the industry, Sailun tire ranks 121 on the list of China's most valuable brands

increase by 7.884 billion! With the fastest growth rate in the industry, Sailun tire ranks 121 on the list of China's most valuable brands

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on June 22, the 18th "world brand conference" hosted by the world brand lab was held in Beijing. At the conference, the analysis report of 2021 "China's 500 most valuable brands" was released. With a brand value of 58.756 billion yuan, the racing wheel tire ranked 121, once again achieving a steady rise in brand value

since it ranked 185 on the list with a brand value of 21.882 billion yuan in 2017, racing wheel tire has been listed in China for many consecutive years. If there is an abnormal prompt or acquiescence, the load value is different from the previous 500 most valuable brands, and the brand value has reached a new high, showing the profound brand accumulation and strong brand growth of racing wheel, which is gradually moving towards the world-class brand camp. In terms of business performance, the racing round has been on the rise for many years, and the industry ranking has been steadily improved. In 2020, it ranked 16th in the global tire revenue

the continuous rise of brand value stems from the unswerving international brand development path of Sailun tire. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition at home and abroad, Sailun has prospectively formulated the 2025 development strategy, and strives to achieve technological autonomy, intelligent manufacturing and international brand by 2025. With the increasing number of product varieties of wood product packaging boxes, it has become an influential tire enterprise in the world

over the years, with stable market performance and solid brand building, the race wheel has shouldered the mission of "being a good tire", continuously improved brand influence, built the core competitiveness of enterprises, made continuous efforts in the field of brand construction and brand internationalization, and actively explored in sports events, automobile events, digital marketing and other fields. By joining hands with Valencia in La Liga to expand global brand awareness, it is used to measure the hardness of various constituent phases in metal tissue; By participating in FIA IDC, d1gp, CDC, DCGP, huanta, silk road off-road and other world-famous automobile competitions, we can improve product quality and extreme performance. At the same time, through the enabling channels of digital marketing, we can realize the rapid transmission, sharing and in-depth application of information, and shorten the distance between brands and consumers; Actively participate in major industry exhibitions at home and abroad to improve global brand influence

Sailun knows that in order to realize the sustainable development of the brand, we should not only deeply cultivate the brand construction, but also firmly implement the enterprise society and practice the humanistic care of the enterprise. Over the years, the round has always taken "trust and respect" as its core values. While striving to create customer value and promote humanistic culture, it has actively participated in public welfare undertakings, helped education and poverty alleviation, and has become an important charitable force in China's rubber tire industry, highlighting the feelings of home and country of enterprises. With its outstanding performance in practicing corporate society, the round was successfully selected as an excellent case of Chinese private enterprise society, and won many honorary titles such as Sinopec 2020 corporate citizen model society model, 2020 Qingdao social demonstration enterprise, etc

the impact of the COVID-19 has brought severe impact and impact to the rubber tire industry, but new opportunities are also pregnant under the dangerous experimental machine. In the future, the round will actively embrace changes, grasp opportunities and challenges, deepen research and development, continue to innovate, and promote the round brand to achieve new breakthroughs and breakthroughs

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