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In depth analysis: the development trend of the coating industry in 2014

in depth analysis: the development trend of the coating industry in 2014

January 23, 2014

[China coating information] coatings are not daily necessities for consumers, but they are an essential part of people's life. It is precisely because of the existence of coatings that our living environment has become so gorgeous and our life has become so colorful

in the development process of recent years, China has gradually become a major global paint production and consumption country. In 2011, China's paint production exceeded the 10 million ton mark for the first time, and reached 12.71 million tons in 2012, an increase of 11.75% over 2011. In 2013, China's paint production continued the upward trend in 2012. As of November, China's total paint production reached 11.7985 million tons, an increase of 5.68% year-on-year. Although the total output of coatings in China has maintained a certain growth in 2013, the growth rate has decreased significantly. How will China's coating market develop in 2014

environmental protection pressure forced the transformation of coating enterprises

since 2013, with the frequent "patronage" of haze weather, people's health has been seriously damaged. Therefore, the relevant national departments have successively issued a number of environmental protection policies in 2013, such as the action plan for the prevention and control of air pollution, the guide to the disclosure of government information on environmental impact assessment of construction projects, and the notice on effectively strengthening the supervision and management of environmental impact assessment, We will strengthen the control of environmental pollution. However, as a heavy polluting industry in the chemical industry, coatings are also included in the list of treatment. It is understood that the "Notice of the State Council on printing and distributing the action plan for the prevention and control of air pollution" issued by the State Council in September specifically made important instructions for the future development of China's coating industry

in depth analysis: the development trend of the coating industry in 2014

the notice pointed out that the comprehensive treatment of volatile organic compounds should be implemented in the petrochemical, organic chemical, surface coating, packaging and printing industries, and the technical transformation of "leakage detection and repair" should be carried out in the petrochemical industry. Complete the oil and gas recovery and treatment of gas stations, oil storage depots and oil tank trucks within a limited time, and actively carry out oil and gas recovery and treatment at crude oil and refined oil terminals. Improve the limit standards of volatile organic compounds for coatings, adhesives and other products, promote the use of water-based coatings, and encourage the production, sale and use of low toxic and low volatile organic solvents

providing the development of water-based coatings will have a serious impact on the development space of China's solvent based coating enterprises. However, at present, nearly 60% of China's coating enterprises are still mainly solvent based coatings. In the next 3-5 years, when the solvent based coating market has shrunk significantly, solvent based coating enterprises want to survive, they must comprehensively investigate small coating enterprises with scattered layout, low equipment level and poor environmental protection facilities, formulate comprehensive rectification plans and implement classified management in combination with the actual industrial development and environmental quality conditions. Further improve the standards of environmental protection, energy consumption, safety, quality and so on, and eliminate some backward small coating enterprises. For medium-sized solvent enterprises, mergers and acquisitions should be given priority to, and the industrial transformation and upgrading should be forced through the integration of resources among enterprises. It is easy to preview before printing, so in 2014, China's coatings will take environmental protection as the theme, and realize sustainable development on the premise of adhering to environmental protection

accelerate the strategic transfer of the coating market

today's coating industry has developed from a "shortage market" to a "surplus market" in the last century. There has been a fundamental reversal from "enterprise LED market" to "market led enterprise", and various crises have been caused by the homogeneous competition in the coating industry. In this regard, the general strategy of coating enterprises is channel sinking. The sinking of the channel is accompanied by the transfer of the market focus from provinces and cities to counties, the inaccurate speed control of the paint market, the shift of the market focus to the third and fourth tier cities, and the obvious change in the sales structure

the way to maintain China's stable economic growth depends on urbanization and expanding domestic demand, and the third and fourth tier cities are the main force. However, when choosing the third and fourth tier cities, we need to calmly analyze, deeply understand and investigate the development of coatings in several third and fourth tier cities we have set in advance, and formulate a set of practical and feasible "as a successful battle plan to ensure the success of the conference". According to China's paint procurement, Oshkosh factory initially had five employees. At present, the third and fourth tier paint market in the central and southeast has basically reached saturation, so paint enterprises should turn their development focus to the western and southwest regions. Developing the coating market in the West and Southwest has unique advantages. For example, in the northwest, Zhonghe Huayuan, one of the four listed titanium dioxide enterprises in China, is very convenient in the purchase of raw materials and saves a lot of costs for enterprises

in the southwest region, there are a number of titanium dioxide enterprises such as Pangang titanium industry and Ningbo Xinfu. Moreover, the southwest region faces foreign countries and can directly export coating products to Vietnam, Laos and other countries by land transportation; In addition, there is the northeast region, which is also a big "cake" for coating enterprises. Therefore, in 2014, the development focus of coating enterprises should be shifted to the southwest, northwest and northeast regions to achieve a major strategic shift

there is a lot of room to improve the demand of China's coating market, and these spaces need coating enterprises to constantly develop and expand. Through the above analysis, China's paint procurement believes that the development focus of China's paint industry in 2014 is to achieve transformation and layout in the southwest, northwest and northeast regions under the pressure of environmental protection. However, for the prediction of China's paint production in 2014, it is believed that under the situation of enterprise transformation and strategic transformation, China's paint production will maintain a growth rate of 5% to 8% in the next three to five years

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