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How about the performance of MSI summit notebook series? How about the evaluation configuration

the MSI summit notebook series has been launched. I planted this MSI summit in a certain East, focusing on the top-level design B15. I shared my feelings after using it for a period of time: the running speed is very fast, the screen quality is very high, and the color is very bright and obvious. Focus on 32GB memory! This is a complete surprise! The 11th generation core 1185g7 is the top model of Intel 11th generation processor in China, with the highest core frequency of 4.8, and it can be reached when the software is started at ordinary times. Pcie4.0 solid state reading speed 5000. In short, it is worth recommending an office, designer notebook

turn to old users' comments and see if there are many normal operation faults.

Jiangnan Industrial Concentration Area officially issued several policy opinions on promoting the development of aluminum based new material industry (Provisional)

I. MSI summit B15 JD's latest price:

JD price: ¥ 8499.00[¥ 8999.00]

JD activity quotation link: this kind of experimental machine has mastered the core manufacturing technology in China. Ml

II MSI summit B15 configuration parameters:

appearance: work book business sense low-key

lightness: high capacity battery hardware is excellent. The only thing I'm not happy about is that there is a small gap in the lower left corner and the lower right corner. If it's an integrated space aluminum, I'll be happy

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