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The application of Bi in the network marketing of packaging products

in the field of packaging, a network marketing system based on data warehouse technology is studied, which can not only provide very important and valuable decision-making information for enterprise decision-makers, but also improve the efficiency of business decision-making and produce immeasurable economic benefits; At the same time, it can also provide personalized services for consumers, so as to win more markets. This paper analyzes and discusses the application of data warehouse technology in packaging product network marketing, and focuses on the conceptual structure of personalized service in packaging product network marketing

1. Data warehouse technology and personalized service of network marketing

data warehouse is a technology that provides unified query for multiple distributed and heterogeneous databases. The data warehouse management system collects and arranges the original data of the enterprise and the data from the outside into a data warehouse. On this basis, through smooth, reasonable and comprehensive information management, the end user can directly extract data from the data warehouse for relevant data analysis

personalized service refers to that businesses provide unique products and targeted services according to each customer's age, identity, occupation, taste and other personal characteristics, past purchase behavior, purchase preferences and other factors. Personalized services, personalized service system can also provide timely information such as shopping types of customers with a very high degree of automation. The goal of implementing personalized services is to achieve one-to-one marketing

packaging product network marketing personalized service is completed through indirect access to the data warehouse

2. Application of data warehouse in packaging product network marketing system

the personalized service system of packaging product network marketing based on data warehouse technology mainly provides two functions, namely, the auxiliary decision support function and the customer personalized service function. The auxiliary decision part is mainly provided to the packaging product production manager, and the personalized service part is mainly provided to consumers and product salesmen. The following describes the design ideas and methods of packaging product network marketing system based on data warehouse technology

2.1 data collection and analysis

to realize the personalized service of packaging product network marketing, the most important point is to collect and analyze customer data, so as to understand each customer's needs in detail. Generally, the following three types of information should be collected:

2.1.1. Basic personal data of customers

like visiting most stations, when customers visit the packaging product sales station for the first time. Visitors can be asked to provide their names, addresses, electronic addresses and other demographic data. If customers feel that the information required by the enterprise is reasonable and they can obtain some benefits, they will voluntarily provide these personal information. Then, when the customer visits the product station again in the future, the network marketing enterprise can identify the customer immediately after the customer enters the user name and password, and is likely to welcome the customer

2.1.2. Customer shopping habits

every time a customer visits a packaging product network marketing Station, the packaging product enterprise will collect and store customer shopping data, and gradually understand customers' shopping habits, hobbies, like and dislike goods. Through data analysis, the enterprise can understand each customer's recent shopping situation and purchase frequency, and judge how much economic benefits the enterprise can obtain from each customer

2.1.3. Shopping process or station survey

through the survey of the product station by the customer, record the path or flow line of the customer's "click", that is, the information that the customer uses the mouse to check on the station, collect such customer shopping behavior information, and deeply understand the real interests of the customer

2.2. Using the data mining tool

the data in packaging product network marketing mainly includes individual data, intention data, product data and structure data. The knowledge discovery of database should be realized through numerical association rules. Make good use of association rules. 9. Mixer: 16W, which can significantly promote the sales of products. For example, 80% of the customers who buy corrugated paper buy cushioning materials at the same time, so the product sales management personnel can put these two products together for sale

2.3. Conceptual structure of personalized service

personalized service requires customer-centered management to improve the service quality to customers. According to the goal-oriented analysis method, the design objectives and principles of the system are determined as follows:

realize customer-centered and improve the service quality to customers; Realize the storage, analysis and processing of customers' historical information; Realize the management of commodity purchase and inventory; In terms of financial cost management, establish and improve the mechanism; Realize the prediction of the distribution status of packaging products

personalized service should answer the following questions:

customers' personal information; The time when the customer last shopped; The last shopping type of the customer; The market location of the customer; Which product sold the most in the past period of time; The degree of relevance in the sales of packaged products; Customer satisfaction with the product

some of the above problems can directly query the original database to get results, and some need to apply OLAP technology through data warehouse

there are many difficulties in the packaging product network marketing system, one of which is that many information of customers belongs to unstructured data or semi-structured data, so we must consider quantifying it, using a method similar to data warehouse to absorb information from the original data, and optimize it. The optimized data is aggregated into the data warehouse, and then the OLAP technology is applied to summarize and analyze it. In order to achieve these goals, various tools are organized to form a new personalized service function framework, which combines the query technology of OLTP with the OLAP function based on data creation technology. The specific conceptual structure of personalized service is shown in Figure 1

2.4. Construct a data creation database

because it mainly discusses personalized services, in this system, the subject domain is determined to be customers. For the basic information of customers, the main statistical data include: customer number, last shopping time, last shopping type, market location information and market analysis. For the above data, a document called customer history is formed

2.5. Generate query

there is a data analysis and processing program in the background of this system (i.e. in the data warehouse environment), which is constantly reading and analyzing customer records, analyzing product sales, and can be provided to production managers and product salesmen at any time, so that they can make product production decisions and provide services to customers

3. Conclusion

combined with the characteristics of personalized service, this paper points out the areas that need to be improved in the current supermarket management system, puts forward the idea of personalized service supermarket management information system with data warehouse as the core, and emphatically analyzes the conceptual structure block diagram of personalized service. The application of data warehouse technology in packaging product network marketing system can provide packaging product manufacturers with the speed and flexibility of analyzing a large amount of data, provide data integration for accessing and analyzing a large amount of data, provide personalized services for customers, and provide auxiliary decision support functions for packaging product manufacturers and operators, It will play a very important role in the construction and development of packaging product enterprises at the temperature of (20 ± 5) ℃

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