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In depth analysis of enterprise crisis public relations management

different types of enterprise public relations crisis need to use different treatment methods, and the focus of treatment is also different. In recent years, Oxford Management Review () combined with famous cases in recent years, such as exploring the mystery of "mystery" price reduction, dioxin milk powder crisis, Sino US Stryker PPA crisis, Nestle milk powder crisis, Merck financial crisis, etc., found that there are more and more crises in China, but there are many obvious characteristics

five types of enterprise public relations crisis

the most common causes of crisis are:

first, the crisis caused by daily consumer complaints or employees' disagreement with the company. Representative cases such as P & G SK-II crisis, Jiangxi consumers took P & G to court, because after using SK-II products, instead of the magical effect of publicity, it caused skin burns. Another example is the IKEA crisis. A Beijing consumer reported to the media that the goods he bought in IKEA had not been delivered for two weeks. Then many similar complaints triggered the first crisis after IKEA came to China

second, problems occurring abroad have triggered crises in domestic and foreign-funded enterprises through reports. A representative case is the Colgate crisis. It is reported that American scientists have found that Colgate toothpaste contains substances that may cause cancer. In fact, this report comes from a British tabloid. For another example, the cause of the Johnson & Johnson crisis is that the Indian food and Drug Administration found chemical ingredients such as paraffin oil harmful to infants in a variety of Johnson & Johnson products such as baby oil, and asked Johnson & Johnson to cancel the "baby use" mark on some products

third, the crisis caused by the quality problems or illegal acts of enterprises found by government agencies such as industry and commerce, taxation, quality inspection, etc. Representative cases such as the bright milk crisis, Zhengzhou food and Drug Safety Commission issued a written investigation document saying that Zhengzhou bright used the stored milk within the shelf life for reprocessing. The "Sudan red" crisis of KFC is also the reason why the quality inspection department detected the "Sudan red" component in its New Orleans Roasted wings and New Orleans Roasted chicken drumsticks

fourth, the crisis caused by national complex. For example, a TV advertisement broadcast by McDonald's contains a scene of consumers kneeling down to businesses and begging for concessions, which has caused a wave of criticism on the Internet. Another example is media reports that Japanese large enterprises such as Asahi Beer will also provide important technical support for the optimization of the domestic and international energy pattern, supporting the Japanese right wing to revise history textbooks and tamper with the history of the Japanese invasion of China. Some supermarkets and restaurants in Changchun began to stop selling Asahi Beer

fifth, the crisis caused by safety production. Representative cases include Shanxi coal mine explosion and R & F real estate construction worker accidents

how to resolve and deal with the crisis

first, rapid response and timely handling are essential. After a crisis, it is best to nip it in the bud quickly. The premise of timely handling is correct judgment, which requires that the judge must understand Chinese culture and policies before he can accurately judge and analyze the nature of the crisis in China. After the analysis, it is necessary to correctly judge what attitude to adopt towards the media, consumers, government management departments and other relevant groups

second, flexible handling. The general operating rules of crisis public relations cannot be applied to all cases, and specific problems should be analyzed. This is like a doctor treating a disease. Even if the patient's disease is a cold, he should prescribe a prescription according to the type of cold

Then it should be cleared)

after the occurrence of the above five types of crises, different treatment methods should be used, and the focus of treatment is also different. For the crisis caused by consumer or employee complaints, it is very important to quickly solve the specific problems of consumers or employees. Although the requirements put forward by individual consumers or employees are outrageous, the company should also carefully study and make feasible treatment plans to control the source of the crisis, so as to effectively deal with this kind of crisis and control the whole condition

in view of the crisis caused by domestic and foreign-funded enterprises through reports of problems occurring abroad, we should carefully analyze whether the products of enterprises have an impact on the Chinese people, and sincerely tell everyone. The attitude of the company has a great impact on consumers. If enterprises adopt foreign and domestic double standards and have no sincere attitude towards the general public, the crisis will be further exacerbated

for the crisis caused by quality problems, the enterprise should contact the government departments such as industry and commerce taxation at the first time, or invite experts or higher-level competent departments to test the quality again

three stages of the development of China's public relations industry

Introduction and creation period. In the early 1980s, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou and other special economic zones were successively declared to be established, and a number of Sino foreign joint venture hotels and guesthouses were successively completed in some important cities. These joint ventures have adopted an internationally standardized management model, introduced public relations management functions, and set up corresponding institutions

adaptation and development period. During, with the entry of foreign-funded or joint venture professional public relations companies into China, China's public relations has achieved unprecedented development. Although the development situation during this period was not very balanced, some phased hot spots contributed to the good momentum and special atmosphere of the overall sustainable development of public relations

competition and professional division of labor. Since 1993, the development of public relations in China has changed significantly. The essence of this change is that the competitiveness of the market economy and the competition law of the survival of the fittest prompted China's public relations industry to differentiate itself during the meeting with Elbegdorj

and put forward rectification plan. We should dare to recycle unqualified products and put the interests of consumers first. When the crisis caused by the national complex occurs, foreign-funded enterprises must understand Chinese culture, understand the national spirit of the Chinese people, respect the feelings of the Chinese people, love China, and consider issues from the standpoint of China, so as to deal with the crisis well

of course, international brands have their own characteristics in dealing with crises, because their brands have great influence. Even if there is negative news, they can recover quickly as long as they handle it quickly and properly. Multinational enterprises have many kinds of business, and if there is a problem with one product, it will not be wiped out. However, Chinese enterprises generally have single products, and their brand image has not been fully established, so they cannot withstand the crisis. If they are not handled well, it will have a great impact on enterprises

domestic enterprises also have their own characteristics in crisis. General quality problems and integrity problems are common. The emerging Oudian flooring crisis 3. The production of cathode materials is a case of integrity problems. It claims that it is a famous brand of German flooring and has deceived consumers for a long time, which is a thorny case for public relations companies. If it is not handled well, it is easy to get into trouble. Domestic enterprises have a crisis, because the brand has not been fully established, and the product is single, which will soon affect sales, so enterprises are facing great danger. From this perspective, domestic enterprises should pay more attention to crisis early warning and related knowledge training. (end)

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