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The panel price finally rebounded by raising $1.

WitsView announced the latest panel quotation. With the May Day cargo pulling need to have both ash resistance and dirt re deposition resistance to increase the temperature, the panel factory adjusted the production capacity, and the TV panel price finally rose! 32 inches, 39. Mainstream sizes such as 5-inch and 43 inch increased by $1, while the decline in large-size TV panels also narrowed. With the return of shipments and the stabilization of panel prices, the panel factory's operating performance in the second quarter is also expected to improve

the demand for goods preparation of TV panels from the May Day festival in mainland China has increased, while the supply of 32 inches, which has been gradually reduced, stopped falling and rebounded in April, with an increase of $1, inspired by the rebound in the momentum of goods pulling. 39。 Medium size products ranging from 5 inches to 43 inches stopped falling due to tight supply. Some second-line brand manufacturers with lower settlement prices than the previous month even agreed to exchange the price rise of $1 for sufficient quantities. Festival stock eased the pressure of 49 inch and 50 inch large experimental machines that can test different mechanical properties of various materials common in life, and the decline converged to $2-3. Due to the fact that 55 inch and 65 inch have become the focus of the promotion of various brands this year, and the supply is dominated by Taiwan panel factory, the supply is also tight, and the decline of the two sizes is reduced to $5 respectively, according to the report

witsview said that although the decline of TV panels has slowed down, the purchase intention of international brands in May and June is still unclear. The key to whether the recent quotation has fully bottomed out lies in the stock attitude of mainland brands, among which the May Day sales results are the most critical. If the sales are better than expected, another wave of stock demand is expected to push the quotation to reach the bottom in advance. However, if the sales are depressed, the brand may regulate the inventory again, and the quotation to reach the bottom will be delayed

in April, except for products over 27 inches, the decline pressure of other sizes of monitor panels was greater than that of last month. 21。 5 please re tension the tensioning wheel; The decline of small-size products below inch was only 0. 3~0。 5 dollars, and 23 inches to 23. The 8-inch falling price space generally falls to 0. 5-1 US dollars, part of which is lower than the market price. In April, the panel factory pressed on the quotation. WitsView pointed out that the panel factory locked 21 this month. For products less than 5 inches, raise prices to smaller customers. Although first-line brands still do not pay for the price decline, the buyer led bargaining situation is determined to be broken, which shows that supply and demand are close to balance

nb panel has not seen a recovery in demand, but as the price has fallen for more than a year, Korean panel factories have begun to reduce production for unprofitable products such as hdtn. WitsView said that the supply side may change and the quotation is irresistible, indicating that the bottom is close. Among them, the price reduction is 15% for expanding demand. For 6-inch fhdtn, the decline narrowed to 0. Six dollars

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