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Ball company and Oskar Blues winery jointly launched the "Royal pint" can packaging

ball company, the world's largest beverage can packaging company, and Oskar Blues brewery in Longmont, Colorado jointly launched the first royal pint can packaged beer (568 ml) to the North American market. Oskar Blues brewery launched this oversized tinned beer at the American beer festival in Denver, with the name Dahl pure wheat beer on the package

2012 marks the 10th anniversary of the advent of Dahl pure wheat beer, the first beer in North America packaged in recycled aluminum cans. Chadmeris, head of marketing at Oskar blues, said that we wanted to celebrate the anniversary, and applying the Royal pint packaging provided by ball to Dar pure wheat beer was our new decision

Royal pint Dahl pure wheat beer is characterized by its unique pattern. The same signature image will also be used in the packaging of 12 ounce aluminum cans. Silcotech company in Bolton, Ontario, Canada designed and produced the mold. Ball is the only manufacturer of Royal pints in North America. The size of this can is about the height of a 24 ounce aluminum can and the diameter of a 16 Ounce aluminum can. Oskar blues is the first brewer in North America to carefully produce beer in such a unique and shiny aluminum can

568 ml cans can provide a new choice for our North American consumers, make their brands different and attract customers' attention. Robert Myers, senior vice president of the metal canned beverage U.S. division of ball company, said that the size of cans is a very important factor for brands. This kind of cans, which are still new in North America, is just in line with Oskar Blues' special anniversary celebration

among all aluminum beverage cans and bottles of ball company, 568 ml cans contain the highest percentage of recyclable in a few minutes compared with other beverage packages. Now we can guarantee our customers that they can complete charging points, can be cooled quickly, can be stacked, and 100% recyclable

oskar blues was founded by darcage in 1997. The most suitable materials: metal and non-metallic materials were initially used as brewing bars and restaurants. In 2002, Oskar Blues brewery launched a hand brewed tinned beer operation plan in Lyon, Colorado. Oskarblues is the first brewery in the United States and the first manufacturer to use cans to pack beer

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