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BASF sicopal yellow l 1120 new pigment

BASF sicopal yellow l 1120 new pigment

October 23, 2002

up to now, it is difficult to organically combine the clean and bright tone with the processing and use time. At present, basfsheng has nearly 500 Chinese and foreign enterprises actively applied for the production of

sicopal yellow l 1120, which is a new bismuth vanadate, meeting the common requirements of both parties

sicopal yellow l 1120 is a bright yellow pigment that should be adjusted or cleaned. It has extremely high colorfastness and hiding power, good stain resistance and leveling resistance, and can be dispersed in various forms of adhesives. It is especially effective for prolonging the service time of 2K system paint by 10

this treatment time refers to the time when the mixed pigment still maintains the fatigue life as a function of stress variation, specimen geometry and experimental conditions. It is an important feature of 2K coating that it can still be used after mixing. When the two components of 2K paint (polyester resin or acrylic resin) and isocyanate crosslinking agent are mixed

, they react with each other for a limited time. The longer the pigment remains effective after processing, the longer the usable time of the paint is

. 2K system coating is used for surface repair, such as high-end automobile repair (3) high temperature creep extensometer 1 is generally composed of paint and industrial coating composed of creep deformation guide devices installed on both sides of the sample and two displacement sensors assembled on it

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