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Barco has launched a new packaging scheme

our correspondent Belgium Barco has always provided the industry with prepress system integration for high-yield and automated process flow. From graphic processing software and hardware to CTP equipment for direct plate making, it can be called the "diamond" product in the industry

it is reported that Barco adjusted its strategy, not only appropriately reduced the product price, but also launched modular software that can run independently. Modularity can be applied to any workflow and can play a great role in promoting it. At the same time, it can be flexibly configured according to different requirements. In addition, the innovative achievements of Po s script3 and PDF certified by Adobe are constantly input, which is suitable for PC and MAC platforms and fully supports the requirements of all participants in the whole packaging process. At the end of October, it was hosted by Barco and Shanghai meihuyin refresh Technology Co., Ltd, Co organized by the packaging and Printing Committee of Shanghai Packaging Technology Association "The lecture on the digital workflow before the production of Barco packaging and printing was held in the lecture hall of Meihu company. The selection of Barco's large mobile phone software should be fully consistent with the specific controller model specifications; Mr. Lin Da, the manager of China, introduced Barco's latest products and the promotion strategy especially for the Chinese market; Mr. Yu Guanlin, the marketing manager of China, introduced Barco's digital workflow in detail, including It includes the definition and characteristics of packaging, the development of flexographic printing in the field of packaging, and introduces the high productivity package Ge that can run on the leaf Windows NT one by one, the best tool to solve the carton/carton design a r TiO s CAD, the quality control pre machine software f in a Le ye, the printer parameter determination software c h eckx, the graphic design software boo s TX, the packaging anti-counterfeiting design software, so the tensile testing machine used for a period of time, secuseal Layout software p la to and raster processor f lexrip, etc. In the afternoon, Wang Ke, customer service manager of Barco China, demonstrated many functions and applications of packedge and artiscad to the guests at the meeting

the one-day lecture attracted more than 40 people from more than 20 large-scale packaging and printing and plate making enterprises in Shanghai, including longying, concave convex, international Jifeng, tiger, and several printing associations and schools. Some enterprises proposed purchase intentions

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