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Bayer launched a new type of flame retardant polycarbonate hybrid material

following the launch of 3000 flame retardant polycarbonate hybrid material in 2005, Bayer materials technology has launched a new development with natural neutrality in geometry

Mathieu Jung, a material expert at Bayer materials technology, said, "the baybrand frldw series microcomputer controlled electronic tensile testing machine is a precision single arm advanced testing machine. The 4000 series of materials are positioned for applications that require high thermal stability and heat resistance. In terms of fire resistance, these products are superior to conventional polycarbonate/abs hybrid materials, and in many cases are environmentally friendly alternative materials."

Bayer said that the excellent fire protection performance of the new product series has been proved in the test, indicating that the flammability of the glow wire meets the IEC standard (glow wire combustion index, gwfi). This test examines how a sample of material lit with a glow wire extinguishes itself

baybrand fr4000 material grade meets the maximum glow wire temperature requirement of 960 ° C, and will only burn briefly. The test results meet the strict requirements of Underwriters Laboratories UL 94 V standard, which further provides evidence for its high flame retardancy. At present, there is no relevant standard sample for plastic shopping bags in China. The thickness of the sample is 1.5mm, reaching the highest V-0 classification

the properties of the new baybrand FR series can be optimized for specific customized applications. The company has designed a version with good chemical resistance and low temperature impact resistance, which is suitable for the application of encapsulated lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles. Another kind of fiber reinforced composite material with extremely high hardness and strength can be used for large structural parts with low wall thickness

Jung said, "we plan to expand our new product range according to customer and market requirements, which means that more customized materials will be added to adapt to specific applications."

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