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BASF plans to acquire Henkel's Western European building materials business

recently, BASF and Henkel have signed an agreement on BASF's intention to acquire Henkel's professional flooring, ceramic tile and waterproof Western European businesses to strengthen its chemical product portfolio in building materials

it is understood that this transaction includes the sale of thomsit brand under Henkel's flooring business and thomsit trademark worldwide. At the same time, part of this transaction is the cause analysis of the heat source of hydraulic universal experimental oil caused by Henkel's flooring, ceramic tile and waterproof industry in Western Europe, which is currently sold by specialized retailers or under the ceresit brand

BASF and Henkel have reached an agreement that the first two categories of BASF belong to nondestructive testing and will use the ceresit trademark in the ceramic tile and waterproof category for Western European business. The main markets are Germany and the Benelux Economic Union. The total revenue of the business being acquired is in a higher double-digit Euro range. BASF plans to integrate the acquired business into the construction chemicals department. According to the current experiment, PCI group, a partially and wholly-owned subsidiary, has a leading position in the German ceramic tile fixing system market

the expected transactions include Henkel's production base in una, Germany, which is temporarily leased and the products are being produced. BASF will operate the una production base for two to three years, and then continue to operate the existing PCI production base, mainly located in Hamm, Germany, near una. The transaction has yet to be approved by the relevant antitrust authorities. The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the financial details of the transaction

"the acquisition of thomsit and ceresit flooring, ceramic tile and waterproof business in Western Europe shows that we are committed to expanding our building materials chemical product portfolio. In short, the strong PCI brand and thomsit will make BASF a leading enterprise in the German flooring product market. Ceresit flooring has very high requirements for its materials, and the ceramic tile and waterproof business in Western Europe will allow us to enter the market segment. Today, we do not provide comprehensive services." Ralf spettmann, President of BASF chemical building materials business department, said

"Henkel's building materials business will continue to be an integral part of our portfolio, and we will continue to develop its business in other regions. The ceresit brand will continue to become a strategic platform for Henkel's global building materials business." Hermann deitzer, senior vice president of Henkel and head of consumer, craftsman and builder business, said, "however, in Western Europe, we have not seen the current setup of this business and related activities in una from a long-term perspective. Therefore, we are happy to reach this agreement with BASF."

BASF plans to provide employees in BASF Group with medium-term or long-term employment prospects in this business as far as possible

BASF, founded in 1865, is a leading chemical company in the world. Its products include chemicals, plastics, specialty products, crop protection products, and oil and natural gas. BASF Group has more than 350 branches and companies in 41 countries in Europe, Asia and North and South America. Global sales in 2015 were 70.4 billion euros

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