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The first China International Import Expo is still in progress. From high-end machinery and equipment to people's daily necessities, to product supporting solutions, Chinese people are enjoying the treatment of seeing, asking, and purchasing high-quality goods without leaving the country. The fair has attracted high-quality goods from all over the world, which is expected to promote the high-quality development of China's economy and meet the higher level of consumer demand of the people

frequent large order cooperation

up to now, many agreements have been signed and concluded, and the amount is also very considerable

judging from the domestic exhibition groups, the state-owned assets sub group of the Shanghai Trading Group established by 45 municipal enterprise groups, with a total of more than 3500 purchasers and enterprises, and more than 30000 purchasers, has reached more than 100 transaction agreements in the fields of intelligent high-end equipment, medical and health care, auto parts, food and agricultural products, service trade and so on. In a signing event held in Jiangsu Province, more than 350 representatives from more than 60 world-renowned brands from 32 countries and regions around the world and buyers, platforms and service providers from 30 provinces (cities) across the country attended the meeting. Ten projects of 20 enterprises were signed at the meeting, with a total amount of nearly $4billion

e-commerce has also been very eye-catching at the fair. Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba group, announced Alibaba's "big import plan" for the next five years, with a global import volume of $200billion in the next five years. This plan will cover the businesses of Alibaba digital economy, including tmall, tmall global, B2B, HEMA, Yunxiang, Yintai, RT mart, retail connect, etc., involving more than 120 countries and regions and multiple characteristic import categories. Suning also once again issued a large purchase order, focusing on large-scale purchases in Europe, Japan, Australia and North America, covering imported trade goods such as diet, daily chemicals and electronics, as well as trade services such as copyright and patented technology. It is estimated that Suning's overseas purchase orders will reach 15billion euros (about 120billion yuan) at the Expo. Jd.com also announced the signing and purchase of nearly 100 billion yuan of imported brand goods. Chinese e-commerce is not only empowering Global trade with the digital economy, but also driving the upgrading of Chinese consumption

from the perspective of foreign exhibitors, the Canadian National Pavilion witnessed the signing of more than 3billion yuan and 19 business agreements between Chinese and Canadian enterprises, including life sciences, agriculture, aviation and other fields, on the 6th day, especially in Ningbo. A number of Chinese and British enterprises signed eight cooperation agreements on the 7th, including both established British enterprises that have been deeply involved in the Chinese market for decades, and cutting-edge companies that should always adhere to the cleaning of cold and hot shock test cases. Australian and Chinese enterprises also signed 11 agreements with a total value of more than 75billion yuan over five years on the 7th, opening new cooperation between the two countries in the fields of tourism, e-commerce and logistics. The Brazilian export and investment agency signed a cooperation agreement with Alibaba and tmall on the 6th to promote Brazilian enterprises to enter the Chinese market platform. These enterprises will receive technical training on the platform and be exempted from e-commerce maintenance fees

drive industrial upgrading

entering the Expo is not only an opportunity for foreign enterprises to share the dividends of China's economic development. For China itself, on the one hand, it can effectively promote industrial upgrading, on the other hand, it can bring more benefits to domestic consumers

as Chinese products enter a new stage of continuous improvement of quality and optimization of production technology, Chinese manufacturers have a huge demand for advanced production equipment and technology. However, many Chinese manufacturers encounter practical difficulties in production process design, software weaving, personnel operation and other aspects, which affect the use of technology

Zhaoping, director of the International Trade Department of the Research Institute of the China Council for the promotion of international trade, told the economic information daily that advanced technology and equipment, key components and parts that were not previously available in China, were introduced at the fair, and China's demand for these products is growing against the background of upgrading its industrial structure. After entering the Expo, China's high-level opening-up will cover a wider range

at this fair, the smart and high-end equipment exhibition area is the largest, with an area of 60000 square meters. It is a relatively concentrated exhibition area of the world's top 500, with more than 400 enterprises participating. A large number of international top technology enterprises such as general electric, DuPont, Canon, Hitachi, Schneider, Microsoft and Dell, world industrial robot giants such as KUKA, abb and Fanuc, and high-tech manufacturing enterprises such as Honeywell, Siemens and Mitsubishi Electric all came to show their cutting-edge results. The exhibits cover artificial intelligence, industrial automation and robotics, IOT, new energy power and electrical equipment, aerospace technology and equipment, etc., attracting many visitors to experience and negotiate

these exhibitors have targeted the pain points of China's manufacturing industry. In addition to bringing high-quality products, they have also brought innovative technologies and solutions. For example, KUKA company of Germany not only brought industrial robots, but also displayed its smart factory production line based on the concept of the future to communicate and connect with its domestic counterparts. The whole chain product line and service line have further expanded the content and scope of cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises, and played a positive role in promoting China's industrial upgrading

in the field of service trade, it is also of great significance to enter the Expo. China's service trade has entered a stage of rapid development. From 2012 to 2017, China's service trade volume increased by 7.8% annually, ranking second in the world

Wang Xiaohong, deputy director of the Information Department of the center for international economic exchanges, told the economic information daily that China has entered the era of service economy, and there is an urgent need to improve the quality and level of the service industry, while the service industry in developed countries has a dominant position

the recycling method mentioned in the Journal of materials in Civil Engineering published by the Research Institute of international trade and economic cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce in March, 2018 does not require high energy consumption. Li Jun, director of the International Institute of trade in services, said that the import of advanced products of trade in services can better serve the trade in goods, which is a concrete manifestation of China's overall expansion of imports. For domestic service providers, they will also further force reform, promote competition and improve efficiency

meet consumer demand

during the Expo, more than 1000 international food and agricultural products enterprises participated in the consumption field, including Nestle, Danone, Louis Dreyfus, Bangui, Cargill, Wilmar international, Brazil JBS, Pepsi, Heineken and other world top 500 enterprises, as well as many large global leisure food enterprises, well-known alcohol and beverage suppliers. They have brought a large number of overseas high-quality local specialties with original flavor and characteristics

there are more than 300 exhibitors in the field of medical devices and health care recently, including Roche, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, Bayer, Philips, Medtronic, Novo Nordisk, Thermo Fisher and other global pharmaceutical industry giants. They showed many cutting-edge high-tech products, such as the world's smallest cardiac pacemaker, the world's thinnest blood pressure meter, the world's fastest immune analyzer, the world's first nuclear magnetic resonance instrument for infants and other new technologies and new products. 3M's new children's PM2.5 protective mask is the first in the world, and the infant bedding kit is also the first in China. The internal filler of this product, new Shirley, has been used by the U.S. Marine Corps and the Antarctic scientific research team, and its technology is very advanced. These amazing products will bring new experiences to Chinese consumers

global automobile enterprises also aim at the market opportunities brought by China's consumption upgrading and the reduction of automobile import tariffs. Slovakia's "flying car", BMW 7 Series L4 self driving test vehicle... The auto exhibition area of this Expo is known as the "All Star" lineup, and almost all mainstream auto companies are absent. Among them, there are more than 20 vehicle companies, more than 40 parts companies, and more than 30 are the world's top 500 and industry leading enterprises, covering brand vehicles, auto parts, etc., and intensively displaying the world's latest exhibits and cutting-edge technologies

Li Jun said that the introduction of foreign high-quality and low-cost goods into the Expo can greatly prosper the domestic market and improve the welfare of domestic consumers

Wang Xiaohong believes that a large number of Chinese nationals' overseas shopping, medical treatment, tourism and study abroad reflect the demand for consumption upgrading, while domestic supply cannot meet it. The fair meets the needs of promoting the upgrading of domestic consumption structure

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