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Vertical injection molding machine classification introduction

classification of vertical injection molding machines: vertical injection molding machines can be divided into the following categories

first, vertical injection molding machine series: this model is mainly for the injection molding of connecting wires, various electronic, computer data wires and power plug wires. The requirements for the accuracy of injection products are different, and the requirements for the accuracy of machine operation configuration are also changed accordingly, The specific applicable model specifications suitable for this product generally range from 15t to 300t. Because the specific capacitance modulus and configuration of each manufacturer's model are different, the manufacturer must be required to provide the specific parameters and specifications of the model before purchase.

II. Vertical and horizontal injection molding machines, C-type injection molding machine series: This machine has vertical mold locking, and the horizontal plastic injection is named because there is no guide post, because the mold locking part is an English letter "C". The machine has a complex structure and a large amount of glue injection. Due to the wide operation area without guide pillars, it is mainly suitable for injection molding of various safety regulation power plugs, such as French head, American plug, British plug, etc.

III. vertical single sliding plate injection molding machine, double sliding plate injection molding machine series with a demand of 1.8 million tons in other regions: the machine is mainly for engineering plastics, and the products have strict precision requirements, Injection molding with precision or tiny inserts is also one of the optimal molding schemes for injection molding of inserts. Because the machine has the function of fixing the upper mold and sliding out the lower mold. The double sliding plate type has one upper mold and two lower molds. It has the characteristics that the rated voltage of the equipment does not meet the voltage standard and is applicable to the special the second mock examination alternative operation in the environment on July 29, which is about to end. It is more suitable for the insertion or removal of precision hardware. General molding products, such as electronic precision connectors, connectors, integrated circuit components, etc.

IV. vertical disc injection molding machine, rotary series: the rotary series of vertical disc injection molding machine can be described as the optimization scheme for precision parts embedded injection molding, because the machine can design one upper mold, two lower molds or multiple lower molds, Compared with the advantages of being suitable for complex embedding and labor saving

note: vertical injection molding machines are classified from the properties of molding materials: vertical injection molding machines can be divided into the following categories

I. Thermoplastic injection molding

thermoplastic vertical injection molding machine injection molding production materials are widely used, including: daily necessities plastic parts, engineering plastic parts, new materials injection parts, etc

two. Thermoelastic injection molding

thermoplastic vertical injection molding machine injection molding production materials are used in the rubber industry. Products include: shoe materials, wear-resistant and sealing parts, waterproof plastic parts and thermoelastic injection parts

three. Thermosetting injection molding

thermosetting vertical injection molding machine injection molding production is widely used in high-temperature resistance, high-strength electrical and electrical parts and accessories for high-temperature products, including daily electrical accessories, automotive smoke filter products, pressure vessels and mechanical accessories

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