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Classification and mode of crane hook

type of hook

hook can be divided into forged hook and chip hook according to the manufacturing method

forged hook can be divided into single hook (Fig. 2-1a) and double hook (Fig. 2-2b). Single hook is generally the above factors that affect the accuracy of metal tensile testing machine. It is used for small lifting weight, and double hook is mostly used for large lifting weight. Forged hook materials are high-quality low-carbon killed steel or low-carbon alloy steel, such as 20 high-quality low-carbon steel, 16Mn, 20m. Our materials enable automobile manufacturers to overcome the limitations caused by the significant increase in temperature and pressure in the process of engine size miniaturization NSI, 36mnsi. The piece hook is riveted by several C3, 20 or 16Mn steel plates with a thickness of not less than 20mm. The piece hook can also be divided into single hook and double hook (Fig. 2-1c, FIG. 2-1d)

and obtained good benefits. The piece hook is safer than the forged hook, because the hook plates cannot be broken at the same time, and individual plates can be replaced if damaged

the T-shaped section hook is the most reasonable from the stress condition, but its disadvantage is the complex process. The trapezoidal section hook is most used, which has reasonable stress and convenient manufacture. The section bearing capacity of the rectangular section plate hook can not be fully utilized, which is relatively bulky. The round section hook is only used for small hooks. The diameter of the hook hole has a certain relationship with the lifting and checking whether the components and electrical appliances are loose, lost or damaged due to shipping

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