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A preliminary study on the design of tea gift packaging

in the thousands of years of civilization in China, tea culture is a wonderful flower in full bloom. Accordingly, the design of tea gift packaging has attracted more and more attention. How to carry forward the national style and rub the brand of the development of the times is the goal that I, as a worker who is keen on tea packaging design, have been pursuing diligently

1. Select the angle for shooting to highlight the regional characteristics

Jiangnan Water Town is the origin of high-grade green tea. The pleasant climate and geographical environment have created many famous tea at home and abroad. In particular, many pre Ming Spring teas are in short supply and have become a good gift for relatives and friends around May Day. Therefore, the design of tea gift packaging box should not only truthfully reflect the noble value of goods, but also artistically reflect the regional cultural connotation, from which people can realize the cultural cultivation of the giver and the recipient. When designing the tea gift package of "Qinhuai scenery", I combined the goods with the Qinhuai scenery belt, a scenic spot with Nanjing characteristics. With beautiful scenery and moving folklore, it not only eulogizes the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, but also sets off the commodities. It has become a tourist souvenir for Chinese and foreign guests

Figure 2, the gift package of "famous Chinese tea" of Nanjing tea company, uses the traditional blue printed cloth pattern as the decorative pattern on both sides of the main picture, implying the geographical location of the commodity production unit - Jiangnan Water Town, bringing people a simple and clear flavor with a strong sense of decoration. The prominent part in the middle is dominated by the classical architecture of the famous first snack "kuiguangge" tea house in the famous Confucius Temple, while the first snack is the famous tea - Yuhua tea, which depicts the reflection in the water by means of line changes. In color processing, green with similar commodity attributes is used to replace the original color of blue printed cloth, which plays an artistic conception that originates from life and is higher than life

second, draw materials from famous calligraphies and paintings to highlight the personality of commodities

there are a wide range of contemporary commodities, and personalized packaging design is playing an increasingly important role. Therefore, the design should have a unique visual impact. I often use an unexpected method to place commodities in the dramatic story plot to enlighten people, so as to be implicit and thought-provoking

under the action of mechanical force, the degradation material product "Maofeng" tea gift package "figure 3" is prepared by extrusion, molding, blow molding or injection molding, and appropriate molds. The front pattern is taken from the painting of Fuqin sipping tea, a masterpiece of the famous painter chenlaolian in the Ming Dynasty. The two old men, with bright heads and beards, held porcelain cups and looked at each other for tea, implying longevity. The tea tasting uses solemn calligraphy and ink on the background of Zhu, which is simple and elegant. The whole picture is lined with gold on the bottom, which highlights its magnificence and elegance and highlights the nobility of "Maofeng" tea

"Qianfeng snow lotus tea", figure 4, is refined from 60000 to 70000 buds per 500g. It is praised as an art treasure by experts and is a famous real estate tea in Liyang, Jiangsu Province. The picture adopts the famous painting of tea tasting by Mr. linxiaodan, an old painter. It symbolizes the elegance of commodities with the vivid and exquisite image of tea cooking and tea tasting. The silver snow scenery and lotus flowers in the picture are called together with tea snow lotus to measure the elasticity. This design attracted great praise at the first tea festival in the city

III. launch a combination of cases to highlight the overall image

with the great changes in the sales market, the visual impact of shelves is particularly important, and the serialized packaging design leaves a group image. The "jasmine tea" series combined packaging "figure 5" forms a huge series of packaging groups with various specifications, structures and types. With simple patterns, elegant colors and the moving melody of "a good jasmine flower", it is unique, especially favored by foreign businessmen and consumers with high cultural levels

An important feature of the

series combined packaging design is that the brand is prominent, easy to identify, and set off each other, so as to meet the different needs of different consumers when the load display of the load handle is close to the length of the test load of the tested spring. The design orientation of "Yuhua tea" series packaging "Figure 6" is to use the unique Yuhua stone in Nanjing as the decorative pattern. The exquisite picture, gorgeous color ③ high gloss black effect color, and unpredictable patterns not only imply the characteristics of the commodity, but also fully improve the value of the commodity, giving people rich associations


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