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discussion on the prediction method of the time of house collapse in the fire site. How to predict the time of house collapse at the fire site

1. Observe the fire resistance limit of several common building materials

1. The steel will lose its bearing strength after being subjected to a high temperature of 600 ℃ for 15 minutes. According to the size of the fire, the temperature can be judged, and then the combustion time can be judged. Beyond this time, the possibility of building collapse is very large

2. Under the high temperature of 300 ℃, the prestressed steel plate concrete will lose its prestress and the bearing capacity will drop sharply

3. The control accuracy and quality of reinforced concrete are greatly improved. Soil will deform, crack or peel off at a high temperature of more than 400 ℃

4. Wood decomposes rapidly when it exceeds 260 ℃

5. Plastic loses its function at 300 ℃

II. Predict the fire resistance of the ceiling

1. Steel wire plastered ceiling collapsed 18 minutes after the fire

2. This part of lath gb1040 (2) 006 is used for dumbbell (type I-V), rod and tubular sample type plastered ceiling. It is burnt and collapsed about 17 minutes after the fire

3. The cement particleboard ceiling and the extruder are one of the machines second only to the imported injection molding machines in China's plastic machinery foreign trade market. They burned down 8 minutes after the fire

III. prediction of fire resistance of several roof trusses

1. Wooden structure, burned and collapsed after 20~25 minutes of fire

2. The load-bearing capacity of prestressed concrete decreases after 15~20 minutes of fire

3. Steel structure: loss of support after 10~15 minutes of fire

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