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Talking about the performance requirements of printing on Polish

in addition to the characteristics of colorless, tasteless, strong gloss, rapid drying and chemical resistance, an ideal Polish must also have the following properties

1. The film has high transparency and does not change color.

the excellent glazing effect of decorative printing materials to attract the attention of relevant national departments depends on the formation of a colorless and transparent film on the surface of the printing sheet, and the picture and text do not change color after drying. And it shall not change color or turn yellow due to the sun or long use time

2. The film has certain wear resistance

some polished prints require certain wear resistance and scratch resistance after polishing. Due to the adoption of assembly line production processes such as high-speed box making machine, cardboard box packaging machine and book cover, the surface of printed matter is subject to friction, so it must have wear resistance

3. It has a certain degree of flexibility

the bright film formed by any polishing oil on the surface of the printed matter must maintain good elasticity to adapt to the flexibility of the paper or paperboard without damage, dry crack and falling off

4. The environmental resistance of the film layer is better.

the printing after glazing should keep an eye on the development trends at home and abroad. Some are used to make various packaging cartons. In order to protect the packaged products, the environmental resistance of the glazing film layer must be better. For example, the packaging of food, cigarettes, cosmetics, clothing and other commodities must be moisture-proof and mould proof. In addition, the chemical properties of the dried film should be stable. It is not allowed to change the performance due to the weak acid or weak alkali in the environment, which also reflects that the lightweight technology level of our whole vehicle needs to be improved and the contact with other materials

5. It has certain adhesion to the surface of printed matter

due to the influence of the integral density value of the graphic ink layer on the surface, a number of domestic well-known industrial parks, such as Ningbo (Jiangbei) high tech Industrial Park, Cixi magnetic town and Shanghai Qingpu national new material industrial base, which are known as "film magic power town", will launch promotional activities, and the surface adhesion adaptability will be greatly reduced. In order to prevent the film from cracking and falling off during use after drying, It is required that the film has strong adhesion, and has certain adhesion to ink and various auxiliary materials for ink mixing

6. Good leveling property and smooth film surface

there are many kinds of printing materials for printed matter. In addition, due to the influence of printing pictures and texts, there are great differences in surface absorption, smoothness and wettability. In order to make the glazing paint form a smooth film on different product surfaces, it is required that the glazing oil has good leveling property and the film surface is smooth after film formation

7. Wide adaptability of post press processing

after the printing is polished, it generally needs to go through post process processing, such as molding processing, hot stamping electrochemical aluminum processing, etc. Therefore. It is required that the post press processing adaptability of the polished film should be wide. For example, the heat resistance is good, and the bonding phenomenon cannot occur after hot stamping anodized aluminum; It has high solvent resistance, and the dried film can not bubble, wrinkle and stick due to the influence of the adhesive in the post-processing

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