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Discussion on packaging design in the new knowledge economy era (Part 2)

new things are produced by human continuous innovation. This era is also an era of new people coming out in large numbers. The prosperity of fashion and popularity is the characteristic of today's economic era. The mission of designers with new ideas in the packaging design industry is to become promoters of guiding consumption ideas. When making "wedding clothes" for products, they use the latest scientific and technological means in design and packaging materials, and boldly innovate and research in artistic forms. They "have laws but can't", "have no rules but become a circle of their own", dare to innovate without fear of objection, and the essence in the industry at home and abroad dare to "take things" and finally surpass the blue. This idea of seeking innovation and change makes them always stand at the forefront of design. They are a generation of college students and young designers

designers are the pioneers of fashion. New thinkers generate new ideas and guide new packaging. The market in the era of knowledge economy determines the cultural nature of design. The focus of design has shifted from the form of creation to the "emotion" of providing products. "Contribution points" focus more on the function and humanized design of products, pay attention to exquisite, small and unique artistic content, and meet people's psychological needs of health care, convenience, comfort and dignity

"emotional design", "returning to nature", "nostalgic plot", "bionic design" and "green design" all have broad prospects in the new economic era. E.g.

for example, a cartoon long fluffy animal hot water bag, which has recently been used in Shanghai for tension testing machine in power transmission and transformation construction, has been widely welcomed as soon as it came into the market. His Xi roaring clothes belong to bionic design and emotional design. The long and soft fluff gives people warm, comfortable and cordial feelings, which has touched the hearts of many consumers. The outer package of fluffy animals is equipped with a water bag liner. The hot water is slowly distributed through the fluff, which is comfortable, soft and not very hot, and conveys a soft, warm and considerate feeling to people. Another example is the "Harry Potter" craze that swept the world at the beginning of the 20th century, which attracted the attention of the famous Coca Cola company from the very beginning. In 2001, Coca Cola immediately launched the latest product packaging, in which there were pictures of Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone. "One step ahead" has first gained emotional added value from the market in the information age, making a lot of people's "emotional consumption". Because the story of "Harry Potter" captures the psychological characteristics that are common in human nature all over the world, captures people's curiosity and rich imagination, makes people arouse their potential inner dreams, and finds a spiritual space for people to repose their fantasies that is difficult to find in reality. This is also the key for it to attract so many people all over the world. Coca Cola is keenly grasping the essence of the charm of spiritual products. Today, with highly developed science and technology and mature product manufacturing technology, products will compete for emotion, spirit and intelligence. However, China's instrument and meter enterprises are often not familiar with the high-level overall strength of large-scale engineering processes. The promotion of social civilization indicates that people have entered the era of emotional consumption. It can be seen that the Centennial crystal brand of Cola company is outstanding

3 the new economic era brings infinite prospects for packaging design.

the 21st century is an era in which knowledge drives an active economy. Economic knowledge and knowledge economy are laws that can not be despised. This is also the source of expanding business opportunities and tapping the inspiration of commodity packaging design in the future

the packaging industry itself is a product industry. The more the society develops, the more it needs packaging. The more prosperous the economy is, the greater the market demand will be. In the new economic era, China's packaging industry has broad prospects, and at least the following important business opportunities must be grasped:

how can new enterprises violate the price of foam granulator? The introduction and listing of new products will bring infinite opportunities; After the introduction and packaging update of the important product packaging series of some large domestic enterprises and China's entry into WTO, the packaging standardization of Tianjia's export products will inevitably lead to a large number of high-level standardized packaging designs; The business opportunities brought by the presence of large international enterprises and foreign packaging orders will also enter China to seek cooperation

in the new economic era of advocating knowledge and opening to the outside world, commodity packaging design plays a more and more important role in the market economy with the integration of commodities. Enterprises will pay more attention to and nurture their own products and packaging design, and study the new features of design under the new era and new ideas. It is a "business card" for enterprises to go to the market, the world and consumers. All good enterprises pay attention to the overall "packaging" strategy of CIS, so that the packaging design not only pays attention to the distinctive national era personality, but also has international norms. Packaging design is leading the overall product design to a new level, and plays an important role in keeping up with the pace of the times, winning by wisdom and opening up the market

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