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As we all know, the reshuffle period of the household industry has come, and the competition between brands is becoming more intense and cruel

as we all know, the reshuffle period of the household industry has come, and the competition between brands is becoming more intense and cruel. More and more building materials owners have gradually realized the importance of building channels. Perhaps this is the most effective way for existing brands to break through the siege and difficulties. With the continuous extrusion and promotion of the industry situation, it is urgent to build a strong team of cabinet agents

however, although countless eager figures are active in various investment fairs and exhibitions, or spend huge resources and energy to send salesmen to districts and counties to develop, the investment results of many brands are unsatisfactory

cabinet agents are hard to find, especially high-quality cabinet agents. Why is this

"each unfortunate person has his own misfortune, and each unfortunate person has his own reason". We might as well briefly discuss it with the emperor of San Luo Xiaobian -

first of all, what do you take to attract high-quality cabinet agents and match high-quality cabinet agents

brand market share? The operation concept and culture of the enterprise? Support of the team? Strong financial support? If you don't have any of the above conditions, pray that God will give you a "three inch tongue" to pry it. However, it needs to be understood that no one is a fool

secondly, the high-quality cabinet agent will always be waiting for you somewhere

if he is a high-quality cabinet agent, it means that he is cooperating harmoniously and stably with a certain brand. In this case, why should people give up the existing brand and choose you? Also, how can there be such a good thing in the world? A high-quality cabinet agent, who has nothing to do every day, just sits there waiting for you to find it. Do you think you are the "supreme treasure" in "journey to the west", wearing thousands of rays and driving colorful auspicious clouds

finally, where are the high-quality cabinet agents

high quality cabinet agents do exist, but they are not "outside" (if there is, it is also someone else's), but in the manufacturer's philosophy and thinking. Good cabinet agents need our own attraction, guidance and cultivation

when we choose cabinet agents, we should first consider two aspects.

first, we should correctly understand the relationship between cabinet agents and ourselves

to be honest, in the current context, many manufacturers simply don't know what the relationship is between themselves and cabinet agents, and always instinctively put themselves and cabinet agents on the opposite side to think and deal with problems. Many manufacturers take themselves too seriously, thinking that cabinet agents can only rely on themselves to make a fortune, and put forward many harsh requirements for cabinet agents. As long as they fail to meet the standards, they will press hard step by step. These behaviors cause most cabinet agents to have a lot of opinions about the manufacturer, make a fuss, and have very low loyalty. In this case, how to become your high-quality cabinet agent

manufacturers must understand that their relationship with cabinet agents is an integrated relationship and family relationship. They should take cabinet agents as a part of themselves and their families, and carefully cultivate and guide them. The cabinet agents cultivated in this way will be stable and long-lasting

second, choose cabinet agents with the same or similar ideas

thought is a brush, life is a canvas, people's thoughts are different, the picture of life is also different. When inviting investment, we should choose those cabinet agents with positive sunshine and similar ideas of being a man and doing things (of course, the premise is that we should have a positive idea of sunshine, otherwise, we can only find cabinet agents with dark thoughts). In this way, in the next cooperation, we can communicate and exchange more effectively, and the consumption between them will be the least

cabinet agents with ideas are growing very rapidly. Their existing economic strength and contacts don't matter, because they will rise soon. When you help, support, encourage and guide him when he is weak, he will be more grateful and cherished. Such cabinet agents are the real high-quality cabinet agents

"don't lose your companions". Don't eliminate (replace) cabinet agents at will, which is a great harm to your brand image. A person often divorces, and your image in society cannot be good. Maybe every time it's the other side's problem, but your image will be greatly reduced. Either you are superficial and ruthless, or you covet others' anything, which at least shows that you are "blind"

third, a competent investment promotion organization is not just 1+1=2. Manufacturers need to understand that the core of a reputable and powerful investment promotion organization is to have a rich or even full "cabinet agent database", which can attract the most cabinet agents and high-quality cabinet agents for manufacturers in any form of investment promotion methods

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